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Tanya Roberts, James Bond Star, Cause of Death Revealed

Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts’ cause of death was revealed by a spokeswoman shortly after her death was confirmed following an early announcement. The star of “A View to a Kill” and “That ’70s Show” passed away at the age of 65 on Monday night, January 6, at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Early life and rise to fame

Roberts was born Victoria Tanya Roberts in 1958 in the Bronx, New York. Her journey to Hollywood was anything but ordinary. She worked as a dance instructor and model until she landed her first acting role in the 1974 horror film “Forced Entry”.  Throughout the 70s, she appeared in various TV shows and her own B-movies. Gradually honing her craft and building her resume.

Tanya Roberts

Her big break came in 1980 when she played the role of Julie Harmon in the third season of the legendary television series Charlie’s Her Angels. Roberts quickly became a fan favorite, replacing popular actress Shelley Hack. Her bubbly personality, infectious energy, and undeniable charisma made her a perfect fit for the role of the athletic and adventurous angel.

The Bond Girl and Beyond

Roberts’ career began in 1983 when she was cast as Stacey Sutton. The glamorous and mysterious Bond girl opposite Roger Moore in A View to a Kill, reached new heights. The film received mixed reviews, but her performance as Roberts was praised for its charm and sophistication. After her success as a Bond girl, Roberts continued to find her work in both film and television.

She appeared in films such as “Sheena” (1984), “Body Slam” (1986), and “Night of the Running Man” (1987), and starred in popular films such as “The Love Boat” and “Murder.” He also made a guest appearance in the series.
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A Life to Remember

Tanya Roberts’ life and career have been marked by both triumphs and challenges. She battled substance abuse in her early 1980s, but she grew stronger and became a vocal advocate of recovery. Throughout her career, she has been criticized for her acting choices and her outspoken personality. But she has remained true to herself and has never hesitated to take her risks.

Her Roberts was remembered by her colleagues and fans for her infectious smile, her unwavering spirit, and her dedication to her family and her craft. Her legacy lives on in her countless films and television shows. And she will be greatly missed by those who loved and admired her.