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Reality Star Bobbie Jean Carter Passes Away at 41, One Year After Brother Aaron’s Death

Bobbi Gene Carter death

Bobbi Gene Carter, a former makeup artist and sister of child star Aaron Carter and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, has died. She was 41 years old. Her sister Angel Carter, 36, confirmed the wardrobe stylist’s death on her official Instagram page. Angel Carter paid her tribute to Bobbi Jean Carter on her Sunday morning with a childhood photo of her sister.

“I am shocked to learn of the sudden death of my daughter Bobbi Jean, and it will take some time for me to come to terms with the terrible reality of what happened for the third time. I will publish a letter once I am able to think clearly. “But until then, I want you to leave your grief alone,” Jane said.

“No matter how deeply a parent feels the loss of a child, the pain of a young orphan who has lost a parent must be even greater.
”To those who sympathize, I would like to express my deepest condolences to my precious 8-year-old granddaughter, Bella. Please pray for Bella, who previously lost her father and is now without her mother,” she added.

Bobbi Gene Carter death

Who is Bobby Gene Carter?

According to news, Bobby Gene Carter (aka BJ) is somewhat involved in the family music business with brothers Nick and Aaron, especially at the height of Aaron’s career, and worked as a wardrobe stylist and make-up artist during his time at Tour. Early 2000s. He also appeared on E!upon. Reality show “House of Carters.” For the next few years, Bobbi Jean lived a relatively private life. Bobbi Jean struggled with addiction and substance abuse for many years. She also had legal issues with arrests for theft and drug crimes.

Learn more about the Carter  family

The death of Bobby Jean Carter brings yet another tragedy to the family. According to news, not only did the Carters lose Aaron to a drowning accident at their home last year (also drug-related), but they also lost another sister, Leslie, to an overdose in 2012. Nick and Angel are the only remaining Carter brothers.