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Are Ellie Leach and Brooke Vincent Family? How are Brooke and Ellie related?

Ellie Leach and Brooke Vincent Family
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Ellie Louise Leach aka Ellie Leach is a famous English actress. She is well-recognized for her role as ‘Faye Windass’ in the “Coronation Street” series. In 2023, Ellie also appeared in the “Strictly Come Dancing” TV series. Additionally, Ellie Leach acted in A Boy Called Dad, The Sound of Music Live, Moving On, and Coronation Street: A Christmas Corrie film and TV series.

Ellie Leach’s cousin Brooke Vincent is also an English actress. She is famous for her role as Sophie Webster in the “Coronation Street” (2004-2019) television series. She has appeared in many television series and films such as The League of Gentlemen, Soapstar Superstar, Blankety Blank, I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp, Celebrity Catchphrase, and more.

Brooke Vincent and Ellie Leach are cousins

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Are both from the same parents?

No, Ellie Leach and Brooke Vincent are not from the same parents. Both were born to different parents.

Brooke Vincent was born to Nicola Anderton (a crime scene officer) and Anthony Vincent (a tour guide in Tenerife).

Ellie Leach was born to Karen Leach (Greater Manchester Police) and AI (railways).

How are Brooke and Ellie related?

Ellie Leach and Brooke Vincent are cousins. Both of them are actresses. There is an age difference of 8 years between Ellie and Brooke. There is a lot of love between the two cousins ​​and apart from being cousins, they also consider each other as good friends. Ellie also serves as godmother to her cousin Brooke’s son, Mexx.

Are Brooke Vincent and Ellie Leach in a Relationship?

Ellie Leach is not in a relationship. Currently, Ellie is single. She is not dating anyone. But Ellie was in a relationship before. Eli Leach’s boyfriend’s name was Vito Coppola. The couple were in a relationship for some time but later separated. Ellie Leach is not in a relationship with anyone right now.

Yes, Brooke Vincent has been in a romantic relationship for a long time. Brooke has been in a relationship with football player Kean Bryan since 2016. The couple is still together. The couple has two children – Mexx S J Bryan and Monroe S J Bryan.

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