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Who is The Masked Singer Winner 2023? Let’s Dive into the Moments of “The Masked Singer” Season 10 Finale

The Masked Singer Winner 2023

After the two-hour Season 10 finale, “The Masked Singer” has a new winner. The singing competition show’s tenth season has been both stunning and emotional. During the season, there have been a lot of surprise reveals, including Demi Lovato, John Oates, Tom Sandoval, and many others, hosted by Nick Cannon with panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger.

Who is The Masked Singer Winner 2023?

The Masked Singer


Cow has been added to the list of “The Masked Singer” winners. Before he was unmasked, the panellists made one last guess as to who he could be. Before Robin Thicke guessed it was Ne-Yo, Nick Cannon said he finally figured out who it was. Cow had Nicole Scherzinger fooled all season, but during his last performance, she recognised it was Ne-Yo. Usher, according to Ken Jeong, and Billy Porter, according to Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg. Because it was Ne-Yo, Thicke and Scherzinger were correct. Ne-Yo also claimed that the costume was inspired by his mother and his upbringing in a female-dominated family. “My mother has been my rock for my entire life,” he went on to say. The musician also dedicated his award to his children.

Cow returns to the stage for another opportunity to win:

The Masked Singer Winner


Before returning to the stage, Cow expressed his frustration at not having had his opportunity to shine and be recognised as an artist and creative. However, when he sings on “The Masked Singer,” he feels like it’s his time to shine. Cow went on to say that the song he selected to sing is one he “helped bring to life and is near and dear” to his heart. Cow performed Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” for his final performance and a chance to be proclaimed the winner. When asked what it would mean to win “The Masked Singer,” Cow replied, “To win the trophy would just be the icing on top of a very beautiful cake.”

Some Important Moments of The Masked Singer Winner 2023:

Donut returned to the stage, intent on winning “The Masked Singer.” He stated prior to his appearance that “every performance has been a love letter” to his late wife. During his performance, he approached the panelists’ table and sang along with them.

Cow and Donut were the two contenders who were saved, so Gazelle was the next celebrity to be revealed. Each panelist delivered their final guesses before her big announcement. When it was revealed that Gazelle was Janel Parrish, the panelists were all surprised – and all wrong.

After garnering the fewest votes, Sea Queen was the first participant to be unveiled at the finale. Sea Queen was Macy Grey, according to all four panelists. Donut, the night’s final participant, revealed before his performance that he was at his “lowest point in my life” just before joining the competition. He explained that he chose his costume as a tribute to his gone wife.

Take a journey down memory lane ahead of the Season 10 finale of “The Masked Singer” and witness every single celebrity who has ever been unmasked. The Season 10 contestants have 40 medals, 33 Grammy nominations, 7 Hall of Fame awards, 3 lifetime achievement awards, and more than 50 tattoos between them.

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