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Married At First Sight Denver Spoilers: Know More about the Relationships

Married At First Sight Denver Spoilers

Why aren’t the wedding bells ringing? If you can’t wait until Decision Day, here are all the Married At First Sight Spoilers for Denver. FYI the Lifetime TV show in July 2014. The plot is based on the Danish TV show Gift Ved Frste Blik. The first season was set in New York City and New Jersey and featured three couples who, as the show implies, are married when they first meet.

Married At First Sight Denver Spoilers:

The couples then spend time together on their honeymoon and eight weeks living as a family. On Decision Day, they will have eight weeks to determine whether they want to divorce or stay together. On the show, numerous experts assess the couples’ compatibility with one another. Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper are reunited in the host city of Denver, Colorado, for Season 17, along with Dr. Pia, who joins the show as a full- expert. 

Are Lauren and Orion from Married At First Sight Season 17 still together?

Lauren and Orion


I’m not sure. We can’t seem to find them on social media. Orion and Lauren made their decision in a December 13 episode. “Now I’m divorced,” Orion reflects over cocktails with a friend. “It feels strange, But you know… kind of what I have been saying is, you know, losing the romantic interest, I feel like it would be unfair to continue being one foot in one foot out.” Orion added that his mother and sister are “more disappointed in the fact that I didn’t get what I wanted out of this process.”

Are Emily and Brennan from Married at First Sight Season 17 still together?

Emily and Brennan


No, they are not together, according to @mafsfan.We can’t be certain because both of them have made their Instagram accounts private. I need it since I often feel like I’m jumping the gun there. We simply need time to get there. But I enjoy breaking up with my spouse, and I believe this is just the beginning of many, and things will only get better from here,” she stated. Meanwhile, Brennan’s mother and family feared that the two being perfectionists would cause difficulties. “They’re both extremely self-sufficient and driven. They appear to be both perfectionists in their way, which is a great attribute to have at work.

Are Michael and Chloe still together after Season 17 of Married At First Sight?

Michael and Chloe


It’s uncertain, but @mafsfan claims they’re no longer together. According to court paperwork obtained by In Touch, Michael and Chloe Brown married on March 13, 2023, about six weeks after the initial four MAFS season 17 couples wed in late January. She is Michael’s second match after his first wife abandoned him at the altar.

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In Married At First Sight season 17, who was the fugitive bride?

Michael’s bride abandoned him at the altar in the first episode of the new season. The runaway bride’s identity is still unknown. “My biggest hope for this marriage is that we truly are a great match together,” Michael said before marrying a stranger, hoping for “fireworks” when he met her. “That it’ll be evident to us as we develop together.”