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Phil Spencer’s Parents Died in a Tragic Car Accident.

Phil Spencer
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A coroner has determined that TV host Phil Spencer’s parents died in an accident after their car overturned in a river. Anne Spencer died after her automobile slid off the side of a bridge and into the Nailbourne River near Littlebourne, Kent. She was traveling with her husband, Richard, who also died in the accident. Coroner Sarah Clarke of Maidstone said, “These circumstances are some of the most tragic I have heard.”

Phil Spencer parents died

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How did Phil Spencer’s parents die?

Mr Spencer, known as David, 89, and Ms. Spencer, 82, spoke as they drove to a family meal on August 18 when the car “veered very slightly,” according to the coroner. The farmers were immersed in around three feet of water and were pronounced dead at Margate’s Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital. Their carer fled through a window in the back of the car.

What does the Police Investigation State?

According to a police report read at the inquest, it was a “most tragic incident,” and a brief gap in focus caused the car to slip, despite Ms Spencer’s familiarity with the road. According to the investigation, the bridge was largely utilized for individuals living and working on the farm. The bridge was noted as having “extremely narrow shoulders” and “limited visibility” for the vehicle. According to the coroner, Ms Spencer had also passed a driving test five months earlier, in March.

Reason for Phil Spencer’s Parents Death:

Aspiration pneumonia, hypoxic-ischaemic brain damage, and near drowning were already verified as the medical causes of death for Ms Spencer. A shortage of oxygen to the brain causes hypoxic-ischemic brain damage, whereas aspiration pneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by inhaling food or liquid. Mr Spencer died of aspiration pneumonitis, a lung injury caused by near drowning.

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Phil Spencer’s Statement About His Parent’s Death:

“As a family, we are all trying to hold on that mum and dad went together and that neither will ever have to mourn the loss of the other one,” Phil Spencer said at the time. That is a blessing in and of itself.” He said that his mother had Parkinson’s disease and his father has dementia, so the “long-term future was set to be a challenge,” but he hailed his parents as “amazing.”