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Nevada’s Wild West: The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in 2023

While Nevada boasts vibrant attractions and casinos, safety concerns persist in certain cities. Explore the 10 most dangerous cities in Nevada for 2023, examining crime statistics and ongoing initiatives for improvement.

1. Carlin:

When it comes to crime, this small town is very high profile.Property crime is high and a significant percentage of residents feel unsafe.
Increased police presence and community efforts aim to change the situation.

2. Elko:

Elko, known for its casinos and ranches, faces challenges with violent property crimes. To enhance safety, the community is implementing neighborhood watch programs and investing in youth development.

3. North Las Vegas:

Faced with both violent and property crime challenges, this bustling city is implementing targeted patrols and crime prevention programs to address these issues, prioritizing the safety of its neighborhoods.

4. Las Vegas:

Central Nevada is particularly prone to crimes such as theft and robbery.Tourism destinations receive special attention from law enforcement, and community assistance programs aim to address root causes.

5. Pahrump:

Known for its off-road adventures, this desert city also struggles with property and drug crimes.Targeted police enforcement and area clean-up efforts are underway to improve safety.

6. Reno:

Known as “Nevada’s Biggest Little City,” the area is plagued by violent crime, especially homicides.Strategies to address this issue include increasing mental health resources and providing support for substance abuse.

7. Mesquite:

Located near the Arizona border, Mesquite struggles with property crime and gang activity.Investing in educational opportunities and recreational facilities for young people is an important focus for deterring criminal activity.

8. Laughlin:

Property crime is on the rise in this Colorado River casino town.Police are working with local businesses and residents on crime prevention strategies and safety measures.

9. Fernley:

Close to Reno, Fernley encounters issues with property crime and drug offenses. Active community patrols and neighborhood watch programs are in place to enhance safety.

10. Henderson:

Although Henderson is considered one of the safest cities in Nevada, it also has high rates of property crime and domestic violence.Increased funding has been allocated to social services and support programs to address these issues.