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Jacksonville Police Arrest Three, Including Juveniles, in Shooting Incident

In a recent development, the Jacksonville Police Department apprehended three individuals, including two juveniles, in connection with a shooting incident. The arrests were made on Sunday, and the suspects face multiple felony charges, with the most severe being attempted capital murder, according to official arrest reports.

Jacksonville Police Arrest Three, Including Juveniles, in Shooting Incident

Jacksonville Police Arrest Three, Including Juveniles, in Shooting Incident

The individuals arrested are identified as Davion Williams, 17, and Kendall Lamar Stanley, 17, both of Jacksonville, and Zamarion Antonio Robinson, 18, of North Little Rock. The arrests took place at 1400 Marshall Road around 8:03 p.m., following a shooting call at 300 S. Hospital Blvd.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers discovered that the suspects had taken refuge in Apartment 104 at the given address. Simultaneously, another call reported a gunshot victim in the Clover Ridge area, and investigators determined that the incidents were connected. The victim, identified as Harold Lowery Jr., 27, sustained critical injuries to his upper chest and was transported to a hospital.

Further examination revealed four bullet holes in the vehicle Lowery was driving. Subsequently, the occupants of Apartment 104 were detained, and a search of the residence uncovered two stolen handguns—one from Jacksonville and the other from Little Rock—and a short-barrel rifle. Complicating matters, 11 children and two adults were identified as potential witnesses and required interviews.

As the investigation unfolded, it was revealed that Lowery had been summoned to the apartment under the pretense of a marijuana sale. During the alleged robbery, Williams purportedly discharged a firearm into Lowery’s car, striking him once. Robinson was reportedly in possession of the short-barrel rifle, while both Lowery and Williams had handguns. Following the incident, the trio hid the weapons in a hole in the ceiling of the apartment.

In addition to attempted capital murder charges, the three suspects face a litany of other serious charges, including aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, terroristic acts, first-degree battery, tampering with physical evidence, and theft by receiving—all of which are felonies. Stanley and Williams also face misdemeanor charges for being minors in possession of a handgun.

The first court date for the trio is scheduled for January 18, where the legal proceedings will begin to unfold. The incident underscores the severity of the charges and the complex nature of the investigation involving juveniles and firearms.