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“Deadline Approaching: Crunchyroll Users Have 10 Days to File Claims in $16 Million Privacy Violation Settlement”

Crunchyroll users have a limited window of 10 days to file claims in a $16 million settlement with the popular anime streaming service over allegations of privacy violations. The settlement arises from accusations that Crunchyroll disclosed users’ personally identifiable information to third parties without obtaining their consent. Although the company denies any legal wrongdoing, it opted for the settlement to avoid protracted litigation on the matter. The looming deadline for users to submit claims is December 12.

"Deadline Approaching: Crunchyroll Users Have 10 Days to File Claims in $16 Million Privacy Violation Settlement"

“Deadline Approaching: Crunchyroll Users Have 10 Days to File Claims in $16 Million Privacy Violation Settlement”

To be eligible for the settlement, individuals must have been registered users or accessed a website, app, or service owned, operated, or controlled by Crunchyroll between September 8, 2020, and September 20, 2023. Eligible users are required to submit a claim either online or through mail in an envelope postmarked by the December 12 deadline to qualify for compensation from the settlement.

While Crunchyroll expects each affected user to receive approximately $30, the actual amount may vary. Documents filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois indicate that the final settlement check could be more or less than the estimated sum. The exact amount will be disclosed once the settlement receives final approval.

The court has scheduled a final approval hearing for the settlement on December 19. During this hearing, subscribers will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on the proposed settlement. This legal resolution marks a critical step in addressing the privacy concerns raised by Crunchyroll users and determining the appropriate compensation for those affected.

For users seeking more information about the settlement, including details on how to file a claim, the court has authorized a dedicated website. It provides comprehensive information regarding the terms of the settlement and the steps users need to take to participate in the claims process.

The case underscores the growing importance of user privacy in the digital age and the legal consequences that companies may face if they are perceived to have mishandled or violated user data. The settlement process serves as a means to address these concerns and provide affected individuals with a mechanism to seek redress for any potential privacy infringements.

As the deadline rapidly approaches, Crunchyroll users are encouraged to review the details of the settlement and take the necessary steps to file their claims if they believe they qualify. This case will likely continue to draw attention to the ongoing discourse surrounding user privacy and the accountability of companies in safeguarding sensitive information.