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Helpu, Men’s Mental Health Hub, Launches Groundbreaking Suicide Prevention Day in Wales

Helpu, the men’s mental health hub in Wales, is gearing up to host a pioneering Suicide Prevention Day at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday, December 2. This event, the first of its kind in Wales, is a testament to Helpu’s commitment to fostering mental health support and resources for men across the region.

Helpu, Men’s Mental Health Hub, Launches Groundbreaking Suicide Prevention Day in Wales

Helpu, Men’s Mental Health Hub, Launches Groundbreaking Suicide Prevention Day in Wales

Launched in September 2022, Helpu has rapidly become a crucial space for men to share their mental health journeys, access support, and find valuable resources. The initiative was founded by a group of volunteers who have personally faced mental health challenges, and it has emerged as a vital platform for addressing men’s mental wellbeing.

In collaboration with NHS Wales’ National Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention team, Helpu’s upcoming event is free and open to all men who are members of groups, group leaders, or individuals interested in establishing groups within Wales.

Ian Smith, one of Helpu’s founders, expressed his excitement about the event, stating, “Having struggled with issues related to suicide myself, I’m genuinely excited that this event is happening. It’s a long overdue opportunity for the many men’s groups in Wales to come together to lay the foundations of what we hope will be a growing network.”

The Side by Side event has a multifaceted agenda, aiming to delve into the specific needs of males at risk of suicide. The event seeks to identify barriers to support, foster collaboration, and facilitate skill-sharing among participants. Additionally, the occasion will provide a platform for uniting disparate groups, enabling them to collectively influence policy and service delivery in the future.

Beyond discussions, the event will offer practical insights, including guidance on fundraising efforts to support mental health initiatives. While the event is free, participants are required to obtain tickets, available through TicketSource.

Looking ahead, Helpu plans to continue its impactful initiatives, with a future workshop scheduled to take place in North Wales in March 2024. The ongoing efforts of Helpu underscore the importance of creating dedicated spaces for men to address their mental health challenges and build a supportive community.

As mental health awareness grows, events like the Suicide Prevention Day organized by Helpu contribute significantly to reducing stigma, fostering dialogue, and ensuring that individuals grappling with mental health concerns find the help and resources they need.