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Scream 7 Release Date and Cast: Who Will Play Ghostface’s Game Next?

Scream 7 Release Date

Hey, did you hear The Scream movie series is coming back with part seven? That popular horror franchise is known for having humor and poking fun at itself. The last movie came out in 2023 and it did really well. Critics and audiences both enjoyed it. This new one is happening for sure. Today let’s talk about them making another Scream film and everything we know about it so far.

Fans are eagerly awaiting details on the next Scream movie. Scream 7 is happening thanks to the success of the previous film.

Scream 7 Release Date

Scream 7: Release Date

Scream 7 is in early development with no release date yet. It may be a while though since Hollywood is dealing with strikes. Rumors say it will film in Canada starting early 2024, but that’s not confirmed. Scream 6 was announced in February 2022 and released in March 2023, a quick turnaround. Scream 5 was revealed in March 2020 but didn’t come out until January 2022 due to pandemic delays. Even with eased COVID rules, strikes among writers and actors mean Scream 7 and other studio projects are on hold until deals are made.

Scream 7: Plot

When making a Scream movie, there are rules to follow. The new series mixes reboot and sequel elements. Scream 7 will likely reference Scream 3.

In Scream 3, Sidney distanced herself after trauma but was forced back when the killer was revealed as her half-brother Roman.

The series has explored family themes. Sam is Billy Loomis’ daughter and has a bond with her half-sister Tara.

If Scream 7 makes the killer a secret family member, options include Billy or Stu having another child. Sam and Tara’s mother or stepfather could also be the killer, though some actors aren’t returning.
Scream 3 had a subplot about a movie based on the killings. The killer targeted the cast as they died in the script. Given references to Stab films, Scream 7 could bring new life to the franchise, like 2022’s killers wanted to do.

Scream 7: Cast

So the cast for the new Scream movie is still up in the air due to some last-minute changes. Mason Gooding and Jasmin Savoy Brown were both in the last Scream film so people expected them to return. Courteney Cox’s character lived at the end of Scream 6 so rumors were that she would play Gale Weathers again too. But nothing is 100% certain yet with this movie until we get an official cast list.