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Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Sarhadi accused Justin Sane of sexual assault in July. She recently filed a lawsuit against him as well as Anti-Flag’s distribution company, which includes teammates Bollinger, Head, and Barker, on November 22. The lawsuit, which seeks an undisclosed sum, follows Anti-Flag’s abrupt disbandment during their European tour four months ago.

Sarhadi claimed that Justin Sane exploited and attracted vulnerable girls by using his status as a self-proclaimed rock and roll star. Despite singing about protecting women, it appears he concealed an addiction to control and authority, causing harm to many women who were unable to speak up until now. Sarhadi’s goal is to rekindle hope in survivors of Sane and other predators in the music industry.

Justin Sane

Long-running punk rock band Anti-Flag has disbanded after 35 years of making music together. The news was announced on the group’s Patreon page, which stated that refunds would be processed for patrons and the page would be removed. The band’s official website and social media accounts were later removed, as was frontman Justin Greever’s (Justin Sane) Twitter account. Fans were surprised by the abrupt breakup, especially since Anti-Flag was on a European tour with the Dropkick Murphys at the time, and no plans for future shows had been announced.


Sarhadi claims Sane sexually assaulted her when she was 21 years old in 2010. She claims she met Sane after an Anti-Flag performance and that he invited her to his motel room. She claims she told Sane several times that she didn’t have any interest in him and that she was in a committed relationship. She claims, however, that Sane ignored her protests and forced himself on her.

Sane’s Response:

Sane has denied the accusations levelled against him. He claims he has never met Sarhadi and has never engaged in any kind of sexual misconduct.

Impact on Anti-Flag:

Sane’s allegations have had a significant impact on Anti-Flag. In July 2023, the band announced that they would be taking a break due to “unforeseen circumstances.” It is unknown whether the band will ever reform.


Sane is facing serious allegations that have yet to be proven in court. They have, however, raised serious concerns about the music industry’s sexual assault culture.