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Dell Curry’s Romantic Journey: A New Chapter in Stephen Curry’s Family Story

Stephanie Curry appears to be getting a new stepfather.

It emerged last week that Alienware and his former spouse Sonya charged each other with adultery in their divorce proceedings.

Dell was spotted with an additional woman on Friday night to see his son perform in the fourth match of the NBA Finals, a year before filing for divorce.

Things didn’t seem right when Dell Curry and his ex-wife Larissa accused one another of adultery in their divorce papers. The former NBA player was captured on tape arriving to watch his son, Stephen, play in the fourth match of the 2022 NBA Championships. For some, Dell’s appearance at the TD Garden alongside his girlfriend contributed to the uproar. So, who understands, maybe Steph may have a stepmother soon.

Dell Curry is recognized as one of Steph’s most significant influences. Steph got his father’s flair for marksmanship from the city, which comes as no surprise. Chef Curry was not disappointed when his dad showed out at TD Garden to watch his son on in the most important match of the season, hitting a game-high 43 of his own to lead the Warriors of Golden State to a critical road win.

Here are a few of the things Stephen Curry may think about:

  • How much faith does he have in his father’s judgment?
  • Is he confident that his dad is making the right decision?
  • Is he okay with the prospect of a new stepmother?

It is critical to keep in mind that this is an individual problem for Dell Curry, so he must decide what’s best for him as well as his loved ones. Even if Stephen Curry disagrees with his father’s decision, he should respect it.

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