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Is Ellie and Vito Dating? Exploring the Identities of Strictly Come Dancing’s Ellie and Vito

Investigate the rumours surrounding Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola from Strictly Come Dancing. Despite their on-screen connection, neither has openly declared a love relationship, leaving fans guessing.

Is Ellie and Vito Dating?

Ellie Leach of Coronation Street and Strictly Come Dancing partner Vito Coppola faced romance rumours amid close dances and passionate social media messages. Ellie addressed the rumours, attributing their closeness to profound friendship and stressing that a recent cheek kiss was just that.

Vito, who dubbed Ellie’my baby’ and ‘a diamond,’ defined the latter as her being a “rough diamond” that needed pressure to shine. Despite Ellie’s denial, their loving communications continue, with Vito’s Instagram post adding to the story.

Former co-star Amanda Abbington stoked conjecture by dubbing them the “most beautiful couple.” The duo’s on-stage chemistry, highlighted by a 35-point Rumba, adds to the mystery, leaving spectators wondering what their genuine connection is.

Who are Ellie and Vito from Strictly Come Dancing?

Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola are now enthralling fans on Strictly Come Dancing as a dance duo. Since the start of the BBC competition, Ellie, a 22-year-old Coronation Street star, has been matched with Vito, a 31-year-old Italian professional dancer.

The couple has frequently received high marks for their remarkable dance abilities. Their on-screen connection, however, has fueled continuous dating rumours, which have been fueled by loving social media postings and remarks exchanged between them.

The assumption grew when their former Strictly co-star Amanda Abbington appeared to confirm their connection, calling to them as “the most beautiful couple.” Despite the rumours, Ellie has tried to minimise them, emphasising that their strong relationship is based on a “deep friendship.” Fans are anxiously awaiting additional events on and off the dance floor as the mystery surrounding Ellie and Vito’s relationship unfolds.

Are Ellie and Vito Single?

Vito Coppola, 31, is presently single, having just terminated his engagement with Arisa, his partner on the Italian version of the dance programme Ballando con le Stelle, which premieres in 2021. Despite their divorce in 2022, Vito and Arisa retain a nice connection, characterising them as “friendly” and on “good terms” in an interview with the Italian journal Mio.

Ellie Leach, on the other hand, is rumoured to be single after splitting with boyfriend Reagan Pettman in May 2023. Ellie underlined her focus on personal improvement when discussing her journey on Strictly, saying, “This is all about me now.”

I really want to give Strictly everything I’ve got. I’m definitely looking forward to having fun and perhaps gaining some confidence.” As they manage the competition and rumours around their relationship, both dancers bring their distinct tales and experiences to the Strictly dance floor.