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Mandy Leon: Unraveling the Mystery of Her Marital Status and Spouse

Mandy Leon, the talented professional wrestler, recently married former ROH booker Hunter Johnson, nicknamed Delirious, in a happy ceremony attended by famous wrestling luminaries.

Who is Mandy Leon?

Mandy Leon, actual name Amanda Leon, is a 31-year-old professional wrestler from the United States. She was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on March 3, 1992. Mandy Leon is presently contracted to Major League Wrestling (MLW) as part of the group The Calling.

Mandy Leon’s ring name is likewise Mandy Leon in her professional wrestling career. She is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall and 180 pounds. Her character is said to be from Brooklyn, New York. Mandy Leon was taught by wrestler Delirious, and she also trained in the ROH (Ring of Honour) Dojo.

On April 18, 2014, Mandy Leon made her professional wrestling debut. According to the information provided, she is currently competing in Major League Wrestling as a member of The Calling faction.

Is Mandy Leon Married?

Mandy Leon is, in fact, married. She married Hunter Johnson, commonly known as Delirious, a former ROH (Ring of Honour) booker. The wedding ceremony was just held, and numerous renowned wrestlers were in attendance. Former ROH executives Joe Koff and Cary Silkin attended, as did wrestlers Damien Priest, Cheeseburger, Rhett Titus, Matt Taven, Danny Cage, Dalton Castle, Bobby Cruise, Vincent, and others. The wedding was notable since it brought together members of the wrestling world to celebrate the couple’s nuptials.

Who is Mandy Leon Married to?

Mandy Leon, an acclaimed American actor and professional wrestler, is happily married to Hunter Johnston, best known as Delirious in the ring. Delirious, who was born on December 19, 1980, has made an everlasting impression on the wrestling industry as a performer, trainer, and former booker for Ring of Honour (ROH). On July 19, 2001, he defeated Billy McNeil at a Gateway Championship Wrestling show, and he has since appeared in organisations like as CHIKARA, Dragon Gate, TNA, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and ROH.

Delirious is known for his colourful demeanour and distinct in-ring style, and he has championships like as the NWA Midwest X-Division Champion, the CHIKARA Campeon de Parejas (with Hallowicked), the IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Champion, and the IWC Super Indy Champion. He has also contributed to ROH outside of the ring.

Mandy Leon and Delirious recently married, and the celebratory occasion was attended by renowned wrestling figures like as former ROH officials Joe Koff and Cary Silkin, as well as performers such as Damien Priest, Cheeseburger, Rhett Titus, Matt Taven, Dalton Castle, and more.