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Jeff and Shaleia Relationship Status: Are They Still Together? Who are Jeff and Shaleia?

According to the most recent information available, Jeff and Shaleia Divine are still together. Notwithstanding the charges they have encountered over their virtual community, Twin Flames Universe, and the disputes emphasised in the Netflix documentary series “Escaping Twin Flames,”

Are Jeff and Shaleia Still Together?

According to the most recent data, Jeff and Shaleia Divine are still together. The pair is supposedly based in Michigan, despite being the subject of claims regarding their online community, Twin Flames Universe, and the issues featured in the Netflix documentary series, “Escaping Twin Flames.”

Their daughter Grace Violet Divine was born in April 2023, as the series showed. Nothing indicates that Jeff and Shaleia Divine are no longer together, despite the objections and accusations.

Who is Jeff?

Jeff Divine, a native of Michigan and a graduate of Western Michigan University’s business school, was earlier known as Ender Ayanethos and Jeff Ayan. During his undergraduate years, he started exploring spirituality, personal development, and New Age ideas. Jeff travelled to Hawaii as part of his spiritual quest, taking on the identity of Ender Ayanethos, a lifestyle guru.

According to the “Escaping Twin Flames” documentary, Jeff tried his hand at a number of personal development and healing endeavours prior to co-founding the Twin Flames Universe. Among them was a claim that he was a healer with the ability to cure cancer for free. After meeting Shaleia, his passion in personal development expanded, and the two of them made the decision to become spiritual gurus. They first provided relationship counselling before founding the Twin Flames Universe.

Who is Shaleia?

Raised in Sedona, Arizona, Shaleia Divine, formerly known as Megan Plante, is a Canadian. She learned from a spiritual mentor while living in Sedona, felt dissatisfied in her previous relationships, and joined Twin Flames Universe before that. Shaleia had connected with Jeff online, and their spiritual journey together began when they met in person in Sedona.

Shaleia exposed Jeff to tarot cards and psychic readings, among other spiritual ideas, in the documentary. Following their marriage to Jeff, they established a partnership with the objective of providing proof of twin flame couplings. In the Twin Flames Universe, where coaching and exercises are used to assist people reach a twin flame union, Shaleia played a crucial part.