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Tom MacDonald’s Relationship Status: Is He Married or Dating Someone?

It’s natural for a rapper or artist to be surrounded by a slew of gorgeous females and to be the subject of relationship rumours. But not for Tom MacDonald, a Canadian rapper, singer, and music producer.

Many of you may believe he has a lot of girls and a strong personality. The actuality, however, is exactly the contrary.

What inspired Tom MacDonald to become a rap artist in the first place?

Tom’s breakthrough as a rapper came in 2017 with the release of his tune Dear Rappers. It was followed by his other huge songs, such as Whiteboy and I Wish. However, it was not his first song that he released on the internet. He began his career as a rapper much earlier, in 2009, using YouTube.

In the rap scene, it is customary to believe that black rappers are better and more skilled than white guys because black rappers have more of the “hood culture” that characterises hip-hop. The stereotype has long existed. Tom, on the other hand, proves them incorrect.

Tom MacDonald, with a net worth of $800,000, is not a rapper to be despised. His primary source of income is rapping, and he is able to live a luxury lifestyle, as seen by his Instagram photos.

He is also a hardworking and self-motivated individual. Who would have guessed he was a professional wrestler before becoming a famous rapper? We’re discussing a multi-talented musician here.

He enjoys pushing himself to the limit, but he also enjoys new experiences and exploring new things. He never saw himself as a musician when he was younger.

But he had always enjoyed writing poems and putting his thoughts into words. He also mentioned that he learned about his pastime from his grandfather. Aside from that, he had the entire support of his mother. Tom truly has a wonderful family!

Eminem’s Real Slim Shady was a key effect in Tom’s decision to pursue rap. He could identify to how Eminem presents himself, and the colour of his songs best fit Tom’s approach.

The Romantic Journey of Tom MacDonald and His Girlfriend

While Tom’s childhood and professional life have not been simple, his love life has been. Unlike many rappers who have several girlfriends, Tom is solely related to one, Nova Rockafeller.

Not only that, but Tom looked to have a close relationship with his family. He shared images of himself and his family on Instagram under the account @hangovergang.

Though not as regularly as he blogged about his relationship and music promotion, we can see how much attention he takes to those he cares about.

However, his attractive girlfriend, with whom he constantly snapped photographs, received the most attention. Not only are their images fascinating, but so are their real-life situations and love journeys. This pair is anything but average.

Nova Rockafeller, a Canadian rapper, is his girlfriend. She and Tom had been dating since 2009, and there has been no bad press about them. Is it because they work in the same industry and have similar musical tastes? What else distinguishes this couple?

This lovey-dovey-yet-badass pair formed a band together in 2017. The band’s name was GFBF, and the genre was punk rock. It is self-evident what it stands for: Girlfriend and Boyfriend. The band has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

The band’s Twitter profile is worth highlighting. “GF @novarockafeller BF @therealmrmac,” it says. We despise ourselves yet adore one another. I suppose you could just watch our new PHONECALLS video.” THAT is a truly legendary biography. It’s fantastic.

However, no new songs from the band have been released since they tweeted on March 11th, 2018. Another clever description for their current single’s promotion: “The anthem for your dysfunctional relationship,” with a link to Phonecalls’ music video attached. Nova and Tom appear to have a nice sense of humour, so it’s no surprise they stayed for so long. LOL.

Apart from the band, Nova had published a number of tracks on which she cooperated with Tom. Many people adore this duo. Especially when they sung together in the song GANG GANG, which informs us how they regard each other as lovers and lifelong best friends.

Many of their admirers commented, “You guys are so awesome together,” “Hope to see both of you do more songs together because they are bangers,” and “you two are the best gang in the whole world.” The tweet received 177 retweets and almost 1,400 likes.