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Stratos 4 Anime Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Exclusive Blu-ray Box Set

Anime enthusiasts and fans of the sci-fi genre have something to look forward to as the popular anime series, Stratos 4, gears up for its 20th-anniversary celebration with the release of a special Blu-ray box set titled “Stratos 4 CPL. BD-BOX.” Scheduled to launch in Japan on February 28, 2024, this commemorative box set promises to be a nostalgic journey for fans and a collector’s item for anime aficionados.

A Look Back at Stratos 4: First airing in January 2003, the original Stratos 4 TV series, animated by Studio Fantasia, quickly garnered attention with its captivating storyline and unique blend of science fiction elements. The series comprised 13 episodes and paved the way for the subsequent success of the Stratos 4 franchise.

Following the TV series, three OVA (Original Video Animation) series were released – Stratos 4 (2 episodes / May 2004 – August 2005), Stratos 4 Advance (6 episodes / March 2005 – January 2006), and Stratos 4 Advance Final (2 episodes / September – October 2006). The Blu-ray box set will include all these series, allowing fans to relive the entire Stratos 4 saga.

Special Inclusions for Fans: The “Stratos 4 CPL. BD-BOX” goes above and beyond by including additional content such as the “Special Fan Disc,” “Special Fan Disc II,” and “LOG DISC,” all in Blu-ray format for the first time. This comprehensive collection promises an immersive experience for fans, offering insights into the making of the series and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Plot and Themes: Set in a world where comets pose a threat to Earth, the story revolves around an elite interceptor force called the ‘Meteor Sweepers.’ Their mission is to intercept and destroy comets before they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, potentially causing catastrophic events. The series introduces Mikaze Honjo, a teen pilot, and her squadron members based in Okinawa. Amidst their duty, the team manages a local ramen shop during their downtime. However, Mikaze’s perspective on life takes an unexpected turn, injecting fresh motivations into the narrative.

20th Anniversary Celebration: The release of the Stratos 4 Blu-ray box set marks a significant milestone for the anime series, celebrating its 20th anniversary. The special trailer for the box set, available on YouTube, serves as a teaser for what fans can expect from this exclusive release.

For anime enthusiasts who cherish the memories of Stratos 4 or those looking to explore this classic series, the “Stratos 4 CPL. BD-BOX” offers an opportunity to own a piece of anime history and immerse themselves in the captivating world of sci-fi animation. As the 20th-anniversary celebration approaches, anticipation is high for the release of this limited edition box set that encapsulates the essence of Stratos 4’s enduring legacy.