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Are Emily Rudd and One Ok Rock’s Taka Dating? Unraveling Relationship Rumors

Emily Rudd and Taka from One Ok Rock have been friends for a long time, and there have been rumours of a love involvement between the two. Neither Rudd nor Taka, however, have acknowledged or rejected the rumours.

Rudd is a Canadian actress and model best recognised for her portrayal as Nami in the One Piece live-action adaption. Taka is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Japanese rock band One Ok Rock.

Rudd and One Ok Rock first met in 2018 when Rudd participated in One Ok Rock’s music video for “Stand Out Fit In.” They’ve been sighted together on multiple occasions since then, including at concerts, award presentations, and on social media.

Rudd posted a photo of herself and Taka on Instagram in 2021 with the words “My best friend.” The snapshot generated speculation that the two were more than just pals, but Rudd swiftly removed the post.

Rudd was probed about her connection with Taka in a 2022 interview. “Taka is a wonderful friend,” she remarked. We have a lot of interests and always have a nice time together.” She did not, however, comment on the rumours of a sexual relationship.

Taka has also been mum regarding his connection with Rudd. He was asked about the rumours in a 2023 interview. “Emily is a wonderful person,” he remarked. I consider myself fortunate to have her as a friend.” He did, however, hesitate to comment on the rumours of a romantic relationship.

So, are Emily Rudd and Taka from One Ok Rock dating? The answer is ambiguous. The two have neither acknowledged or rejected the rumours, and they have both avoided publicly discussing their relationship. However, their tight connection and regular appearances together hint that their relationship may be more than just friendship.

What are the fans’ thoughts?

Fans of One Ok Rock are split on whether Taka is dating Rudd. Some fans assume the two are merely close friends, while others feel they are romantically involved.

Fans who believe Taka and Rudd are just friends refer to the fact that they have never openly admitted to being in a relationship. They also point out that Taka has spoken in interviews in a platonic manner about Rudd.

Fans who assume Taka and Rudd are in a love connection refer to the fact that they have been photographed together several times and appear to be quite close.