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Where Is Jessica Wongso Now, and Is She Still Alive? Unraveling the Truth!

Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee, and Jessica Wongso is a true crime documentary that Netflix plans to release on the streaming service on September 28. This time, the new documentary delves into the 2016 murder of 27-year-old Mirna Salihin, who passed away after consuming a Vietnamese iced coffee in an Indonesian mall that was allegedly poisoned with cyanide.

She was declared dead before arriving at the hospital in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and her closest friend Jessica Wongso was immediately the focus of attention, as authorities suspected her to be the main suspect.

Is Jessica Wongso still alive and where is she?

She was transferred to an Indonesian jail after being found guilty and sentenced to two decades in prison. She is still incarcerated in this facility, where she has served seven years of her two-decade term. When she was introduced for the trial, she had very few emotions on her face and inside her. It was also recorded as she grinned and smiled while denied poisoning her companion. Wongso also filed long appeals with the Jakarta High Court and Supreme Court, but all were dismissed.

Her trial lasted four months, and she was eventually found guilty. This prompted the court to rule, and she was condemned to two decades in jail. The accusations that Wongso went to the Olivier Cafe considerably earlier than she and her buddy planned to meet satisfied the court. When she arrived, she ordered beverages and then proceeded to poison them with cyanide.

She covered this object with her three shopping bags so no one could see what was going on. She spiked the iced coffee at this point. There was no direct evidence in the case, but there were expert witnesses. This was one of Indonesia’s most contentious cases. Initially, forensic officials were unable to uncover any sign of cyanide in the victim’s corpse, but after several days, traces of cyanide were discovered in her body. Cyanide was discovered in the victim’s gastrointestinal fluid.

Why Did Jessica Wongso Kill Her Friend? Who Is Jessica Wongso?

Jessica is an Australian permanent resident, but she was born in Indonesia. After being convicted guilty of her closest friend Mirna Salihin’s murder, she shot to fame. According to Mirna’s father, they were quite close and had studied together for a long time at Billy Blue. Following their graduation, Wongso was employed by Ambulance NSW as a graphic designer. However, Mirna went back to Indonesia, and they maintained a digital correspondence.

Jessica’s past mental health issues were complicated, according to the police looking into the matter. They were discovered to be at odds with a man Jessica was seeing in Australia throughout the prosecution. Mirna advised Jessica to stop seeing her new lover after objecting to her. Wongso became extremely upset at Mirna as a result, which stoked the murderous plot. It was also discovered that she envied Mirna’s blissful married life. Jessica was also a little upset over not being invited to Mirna’s wedding.