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Is The Lady of Silence: The Mataviejitas Murders Based on a True Story? Uncovering the Facts

Netflix has been publishing crime series on a regular basis. These series feature interviews and images taken at the crime site with real-life victims, their families, and friends, which are then revealed in the series. For this reason, Netflix is releasing a tonne of crime stories this week.

The most wanted serial murderer of the 1990s and a recent release on Netflix’s crime series is the serial killer from Mexico. The culprit turns out to be a girl, and that too a former athlete. The police had assumed that a guy would commit such a horrible act.

The mystery serial murderer woman known as The Lady Of Silence will be the focus of today’s article’s discussion. You’re at the right place if you’re curious to learn more about this serial murderer and her motivations. We have addressed all the necessary information for you to know.

Is there a true story behind The Lady of Silence: The Mataviejitas Murders?

Following the publication of these crime documentary films, viewers are left wondering if the show is based on a true scenario or an imagined one. However, the series is really a true crime documentary that Netflix has been releasing these last several weeks.

Every scenario in the series is based on a real-life crime scene, and the authentic friends and relatives of the victims are interviewed and recorded discussing the circumstances surrounding the murder and the victims themselves. The audiences’ souls are shaken by these stories as they learn of the horrific atrocities and callous actions committed by people against other humans alone.

Who Is The Lady Of Silence?

The woman of quiet, Juana Barraza, was a Mexican wrestler who was born on December 27, 1857, in a remote part of Mexico City. She was shocked and enraged by her early years. The woman was born into a family in which her mother sold three beer bottles to a guy and her father abandoned her. Often, the male would rape her and get her pregnant.

Juana claims in court that she became so depressed by remembering her former childhood that she chose to exact revenge by turning into a ruthless criminal following her incarceration. She committed her first crime in early 1990, killing an elderly woman, and she continued to commit crimes until the year 2023.

It was estimated that Juana killed between forty and forty-eight elderly Mexiococity ladies. The entire crime was premeditated, and the only victim killed was an older, single woman over 60. When Juana helped them with shopping and other household duties, she used to win their trust. After she acquired their trust, her plan was carried out.

She used to steal items from their homes to give the authorities the impression that the case was one of theft rather than murder when she would arrive at their residence and kill them, generally using bathrobes or telephone cables. As years went by, there were more killings as time went on.

The mystery serial killer terrified the people of Mexico. And then, on November 17, 2003, Juana committed one of the errors in her most recent crime, and her face was visible. People and police on one side were astonished to learn that the offender is a girl and a well-known wrestler, since they had assumed it would be a man. After an arrest warrant was obtained for her, she was thoroughly searched throughout the  place.