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Long Beach Man Seeks Justice Following Attack by Over a Dozen Teens

A Long Beach man is seeking justice after being attacked by a group of youngsters after being duped by a female asking for assistance.

Long Beach Man Left Traumatized After Brutal Attack by Group of Teens

On October 3, Joe Kremer was heading home from the gym when the incident occurred, leaving him unconscious in the street. He had several face fractures, as well as scrapes and bruising all over his body.

He claims that his most serious harm is not physical, but rather the psychological impact of the occurrence.

“I’m too scared to go outside,” he admitted. “I’m looking over my shoulder just walking down the street.”

According to the Long Beach Police Department, the incident occurred around 9:15 p.m. When the man was walking down W. Broadway’s 300 block.

According to investigators, he was discovered with injuries to his top and lower body after being attacked by a gang of at least 15 teenagers. Following the incident, he was brought to a hospital for treatment.

Kremer claims the event began when he was contacted by a teenage girl who requested for his assistance. He was surrounded before he realised it.

Long Beach Man Voices Concerns Over Society and Youth After Terrifying Attack

“It’s very disheartening.” It gives me the impression that we are losing our society. “We’re losing our youth and our future,” he remarked. “I”m a large, strong, and athletic guy.” What if I’m not? What if I couldn’t handle the strike to the face and perished as a result? That person could be the next.”

Kremer claims to have seen several members of the group remaining in the location where he was attacked, less than a mile from his home. On Tuesday, he claims he saw the girl who approached him initially, prompting him to confront her.

“I should not have gone out there, I could have gotten hurt again,” Kremer admitted. “Those boys ran off the train.”

Officers patrolling near the location, just one block away from where the assault occurred, were seen days later. They said they found a male suspect who matched the victim’s description.

He was arrested and brought to the Long Beach City Jail. However, he has subsequently been released into the custody of the Los Angeles County Probation Department.