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Recorded Calls Reveal Planning of 2016 Clovis Kidnapping: Jury Hears Details

On Monday, a Fresno County jury was shown shocking videotapes on the Planning of 2016 Clovis Kidnapping in Jury Testimony.

On one of the tapes, the jury overheard someone say, “So, what time should I meet you over there?”

Sandra Garcia, prosecutors claim.

Mother and Son on Trial: Chilling Details Emerge in 2016 Clovis Kidnapping Case

She and her son are on trial for offences relating to the kidnapping and sexual abuse of a minor girl in in 2016.

Garcia’s cousin, Miguel Carriedo, was on the other end of the line and frequently recorded his calls.

One of the calls appeared to begin as a normal chat, but it gradually shifted.

“It led up to a plan to meet in order to carry out a plot,” Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Detective David Rippe stated.

Rippe testified on the stand that Garcia and her cousin met in person the weekend before the teen girl went missing.

Rippe claims the two went to Pismo Beach to plan “what they were going to put into action.”

Garcia told the jury about the encounter on Monday.

Terrifying Timeline: Abduction and Retaliation Plot Unveiled in 2016 Clovis Kidnapping Case

“From my location to Pismo, it takes me two hours and 27 minutes,” Garcia told reporters.

Days later, a young Clovis girl was heading home from school when males dressed all in black approached her, she said.

The woman informed the jury that she was bound and her mouth was taped shut. As men threw her into a trunk, her eyes were taped shut.

According to prosecutors, she was sexually assaulted. Before being driven to a secluded area of Fresno County and tied to a tree.

It happened just weeks after Garcia was evicted from his Clovis home by the girl’s father. Garcia, according to prosecutors, sought to retaliate against him.