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Armed Man Visits Wisconsin Capitol Twice in One Day, Seeking Governor: What We Know

On Wednesday, October 5, 2023, a man requesting the governor twice arrived armed at the Wisconsin Capitol in a single day. The man, 43-year-old Joshua Pleasnick, was initially spotted at the Capitol at 2 p.m. with a dog and a weapon holstered in his waistband. To see Governor Tony Evers, he went to the governor’s office and made his request.

Armed Man’s Multiple Visits to Wisconsin Capitol Raise Security Concerns

Pleasnick was told that he could not carry a gun in the Capitol openly, so when he refused to leave, he was taken into custody. Soon after, he was granted bail and released. but made a second trip back to the Capitol that evening about 8:00, this time with an AK-47-style rifle. He requested to meet the governor once more but was once more denied and detained.

Since then, Pleasnick has been accused of engaging in unruly behaviour while armed on two counts. On a $5,000 cash bond, he is being held in the Dane County Jail.

Concerns about security at the Wisconsin Capitol have been raised in light of the event. Governor Evers has requested more police to be stationed at the Capitol. Additionally, it has been reported that the Wisconsin Department of Administration is evaluating its security procedures.

Unanswered Questions Surround Armed Man’s Multiple Visits to Wisconsin Capitol

Concerns regarding Pleasnick’s intentions are also raised by the occurrence. Why he was so determined to visit the governor is unknown. or what he wished to discuss with him. Pleasnick has not yet made any remarks regarding the in the media.

The Wisconsin Capitol is a public structure that is open to everyone. However, there are limitations on what visitors are allowed to carry within. Weapons such as knives, guns, and other items are prohibited.

Security at the Capitol is handled by the Wisconsin Capitol Police Department. Metal detectors, surveillance cameras, and armed cops are just a few of the security precautions the department has put in place.

The tragedy at the Wisconsin Capitol serves as a warning that public facilities should place a high priority on security. It serves as a warning to be watchful for threats and to alert the authorities to any suspicious behaviour.