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Tragic Incident Claims Life: Man Dies After Getting Trapped Inside Silo in Kenosha County

Authorities report that on Tuesday, October 3, a senior citizen from the Town of Brighton passed away after becoming trapped within a silo.

Around 2:30 p.m., Kansasville Fire & Rescue emergency responders reached the site on Highway X.

Tragic Silo Accident Claims Man’s Life in Kenosha County

The man was discovered buried beneath corn silage in the silo, and according to the fire department, first responders swiftly started life-saving procedures to revive him.

Despite the efforts of equipment and specialised rescue teams from numerous departments, the person did not survive.

The event is being looked into by the Sheriff’s Office of Kenosha County.

Sheriff David Beth said, “This is a horrible accident, and our thoughts are with the man’s family and friends.

Safety Measures and the Importance of Occupational Safety

Silos can be risky places to work, therefore employees should adopt a number of safety measures.

  • Never go into a silo by yourself. Always keep a companion nearby in case of emergencies.
  • When operating inside a silo, use a safety harness and lifeline. This will assist in keeping you from going against the grain.
  • Recognise the risks of grain entrapment. Workers may become trapped by collapsing grain in a matter of seconds.
  • Recognise the particular risks associated with the silo you are operating in. There are moving elements in some silos and sharp edges in others. Others contain chemicals or other potentially dangerous materials.

It’s critical to understand the risks and take the appropriate safety measures if you work in a silo.

The passing of this man serves as a reminder of the value of occupational safety. To make a workplace that is secure for all employees, we must all cooperate.

Employers should instruct staff members on how to work in silos safely in addition to the aforementioned safety considerations. The following subjects need to be covered in this training:

  • Risks associated with operating in silos
  • How to utilise lifelines and safety harnesses
  • How to spot grain entrapment and how to prevent it
  • Particular risks associated with the silos that employees will be working in Employers should have a plan in place for handling incidents that occur in silos. Procedures for rescuing trapped workers and averting additional accidents should be included of this plan.

Employers may aid in averting disasters like the one that occurred in Kenosha County on Wednesday by adopting these actions.