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Woman on Lawnmower Tragically Struck by Landing Plane’s Wing at Oklahoma Airport

On Tuesday, a woman operating a lawnmower was tragically struck by a plane’s wing while it was landing at an Oklahoma airport, according to the authorities.

Woman Fatally Struck by Landing Plane’s Wing at Ponca City Municipal Oklahoma Airport

Around 11:30 a.m., the incident took place at the Ponca City Municipal Airport. The woman, who is not yet known. was cutting the grass when a little plane touched down on the airport grounds. The woman was killed instantly when the plane’s wing impacted her.

The plane’s pilot sustained no wounds.

The event is being looked into by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

“The family and friends of the deceased woman are in our thoughts and prayers.” Chris Yarbrough, chief of police in Ponca City, said. In order to examine this unfortunate tragedy, we are collaborating with the FAA.

Regarding the event, the FAA has issued a safety recommendation to pilots. advising them that when landing at small airports, they should be mindful of their surroundings.

“When landing at small airports, pilots should exercise extra caution. where there might be workers or cars on the property, according to FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford.

Recent Tragedies Highlight Safety Concerns at Ponca City Municipal Airport

The Ponca City Municipal Airport has experienced two tragic accidents in recent years. In 2019, a pilot lost his life in a takeoff crash.

A general aviation airfield that serves the Ponca City region is the Ponca City Municipal Airfield. It has two runways and is used by several types of aircraft, such as corporate jets, light planes, and helicopters.

Despite being in a rural region, there are a lot of neighboring companies and residences.

The FAA’s safety recommendation serves as a reminder of how crucial safety is at small airports. In order to prevent mishaps, pilots should be conscious of their surroundings and take safety measures.

When working on or near airport grounds, folks are also urged by the FAA to be mindful of their surroundings. People should take precautions to avoid approaching airplanes and to be alert to the possibility of an aircraft landing or taking off.