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Seeking Justice: Family Appeals for Answers in Tragic Washington Park Hit-and-Run That Claimed a ‘Bright Soul’

In Wisconsin, Lydia Morales’ mother’s house has a candle burning in memory of the 46-year-old who was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

Remembering the Bright Soul of Lydia

Claira Perez, Lydia’s godmother, said, “We just look at her as the bright soul she was, and who brought family together.”

The grandmother and mother of three passed away after being struck by a white SUV on September 21 before it fled, according to Chicago police. It happened in the Washington Park neighbourhood on King Drive, close to 59th Street.

Lydia’s mother and sister recall her as a devoted person with a strong personality who genuinely cared about others.

“She had everyone in stitches. “That was also just her soul, to make people laugh,” Lydia’s mother, Cheryl Morales, said.

She worked as a carer. Before she took care of herself, she always made sure that everyone else was taken care of, according to Lydia’s sister Nina Morales.

Lydia was discovered without a phone or ID at the scene of the collision, detectives informed her relatives. They also now claim to be in desperate need of explanations for her death.

Family Seeks Truth and Justice in Washington Park Hit-and-Run: Plea for Answers in Memory of ‘Bright Soul’ Vanessa

“We are interested in learning the truth. If someone could just assist us figure out exactly what happened on that Washington Park night, that would be great,” Claira remarked.

The Chicago police have no one in custody as of yet.

To help them find justice and peace, Lydia’s family also pleaded with anyone with information to contact the police.

In order to grieve for Vanessa and pursue justice for her passing, the family is seeking the community for assistance.

“We want Vanessa to be remembered as the bright soul that she was,” Maria Rodriguez stated. We also want to prevent anyone else from experiencing this.

Please get in touch with Crime Stoppers or the Chicago Police Department if you have any information on the hit-and-run.