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Scorned Former Lover Convicted of Amie Harwick’s Murder, Faces Life in Prison

Amie Harwick, the ex-fiancee of Drew Carey, received her just desserts. She was killed in February 2020 after being thrown off the balcony of her Hollywood Hills home. Gareth Pursehouse, 45, was convicted guilty of her murder on Thursday by a Los Angeles jury, according to Gareth Pursehouse, Harwick’s former partner, was convicted guilty of first-degree murder by the jury. Pursehouse might receive a life sentence in prison without the chance of parole.

Guilty Verdict in Amie Harwick Murder Case: Pursehouse might receive a life sentence in prison

Harwick’s ex-boyfriend Pursehouse was found guilty of one count of murder. The press statement also mentions first-degree residential burglary with the further charge of allegedly waiting in place.

He could be sentenced to life in jail without the chance of release. His punishment will also be handed down at a later time.

District Attorney George Gascón declared that “today, justice has been served for Amie Harwick and her loved ones who have endured unspeakable pain throughout this terrible ordeal.” We continue to keep them in our prayers and in our thoughts as they recover. I want to express my appreciation for the prosecution team from the Major Crimes Division’s hard work and commitment in obtaining this conviction.

When her life tragically ended, Harwick, a Hollywood sex therapist, was only 38 years old. Before she got engaged to Carey, the two were dating.

A Call to End Domestic Abuse and Strengthen Victim Protections

She sought restraining orders against Pursehouse in 2012 on the grounds that he was verbally and physically abusive. Unfortunately, she avoided him up until 2020.

Justice has won with Pursehouse’s conviction. However, he is also risky person who shouldn’t be permitted to roam free.

Family and acquaintances of Harwick have spoken out against domestic abuse. Additionally, they also have campaigned for stricter legislation to safeguard domestic abuse victims.

The murder of Harwick also serves as a reminder that domestic abuse is a serious issue with potentially fatal outcomes. To stop domestic abuse and to protect victims, we must all work together.