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Man in NW Harris County Cashes $7K Check, Posts Video, and Gets Shot: Mother Shares Details

The mother of a teenager who was shot and died in northwest Harris County, Texas, claims that her son was murdered after cashing a $7,000 cheque and posting a video of himself using the money online.

Tragic Shooting in NW Harris County: Victim Targeted After Cashing $7K Check and Posting Video on Social Media

On September 26, 2023, the victim—whom authorities have not named—was shot multiple times in the head and chest. He was in the Cypress area, strolling down the street. At the scene, he was identified as deceased.

Reporters were informed by the victim’s mother, who also asked that her name not be used, that her son had recently cashed a $7,000 cheque from his employment. Moreover, he revealed that he had shared a video of himself using the cash on social media. She thinks that criminals who viewed the video and knew that her kid had a lot of money on him specifically targeted her son.

Mother of the victim: “I’m really furious. My son was a good young man. He was putting a lot of effort into attempting to improve his situation. He didn’t merit to pass away in this manner.

The homicide is being looked into by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. However, they have not yet made any questionable information public.

The victim’s passing serves as a warning of the risks associated with sharing personal information online. if you make posts regarding your finances, travel itinerary, or pricey belongings. You are drawing criminal attention to yourself.

Staying Safe on Social Media: Tips to Protect Your Personal Information Online

Here are some pointers for using social media safely:

  • Be cautious when sharing information online. Avoid posting information about your income, travel itinerary, or pricey goods.
  • Choose the people you connect with online carefully. Connecting with someone you don’t know and trust is a bad idea.
  • When clicking on links in posts and messages, use caution. Criminals frequently use phishing attempts to gain personal data.
  • All of your social media accounts should have two-factor authentication enabled and secure passwords.

Report anything questionable you see on social media to the website. Call 1-800-THE-LOST to report it to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

This young man’s passing is tragic. It’s critical to keep in mind that social media is a public forum. And that you ought to use caution while disclosing information online.