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Attempted Murder Charges Filed Against Man Accused of Trying to Hit People with Truck

A man accused of attempting to kill people with his truck in a park in Boulder, Colorado, on Tuesday morning has been charged with attempted murder.

At around 6:26 a.m. CT, Boulder 911 received its first emergency contact. According to the caller, someone was driving through Boulder’s Central Park. At a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, police alleged they were attempting to run individuals over. Officers arrived on the site within a minute, but the truck had vanished.

Man Accused with Attempted Murder After Alleged Vehicle Attack and Park Damage

Officers and the police department’s drone unit were involved in the search. According to authorities, the vehicle was finally discovered in a parking area with severe damage. According to officials, significant damage was also done to the park.

Following the recovery of the automobile, officials began investigating the identity of the vehicle’s owner. According to police, patrol officers located the driver on foot and established the man was the owner of the vehicle.

Police nabbed suspect Bruce A. Alvey later that morning. According to authorities, he has been accused of four charges of attempted first-degree murder. ABC News was unable to find the suspect’s legal attorney.

Between the time of the incident at the park and his arrest. According to investigators, the suspect broke into an animal hospital. According to authorities, he was injured during the incident. They are still investigating charges stemming from the suspected burglary.

Authorities Investigate Allegations of Methamphetamine Influence in Boulder Park Incident

According to authorities, they are also looking into allegations of driving under the influence of narcotics, specifically methamphetamine.

According to a Boulder Police Department post on X, no one was injured in the event. The platform was previously known as Twitter.

“Despite some incredibly close calls, the driver narrowly missed hitting multiple people who ran to get away,” they wrote in their post. “The suspect drove in and out of the park several times, colliding with several pieces of property.” Enough to necessitate the city fencing off the park for repairs.”

Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold stated at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that the situation was “really scary.”

“What’s frightening about this is if people had been sleeping in their sleeping bags this morning.” This catastrophe would have resulted in a large number of casualties, according to Chief Maris Harold. Furthermore, the vehicle ran over some empty sleeping bags.