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“Landmark Payouts: NYC Black and Hispanic Teachers to Receive Compensation for ‘Culturally Biased’ Licensing Exam”

Approximately 5,200 former and aspiring Black and Hispanic teachers will get a portion of a large court settlement from New York City. Following court judgements that found that licensing exam infringed civil rights.

Massive Payouts for NYC Black and Hispanic Teachers Over ‘Culturally Biased’ Licensing Exam

According to Manhattan federal court documents obtained by the New York Post on Saturday, 225 persons were arrested. Who failed the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test required for teacher certification? Between 1994 and 2014, he collected at least $1 million in settlements. This is part of the city’s wider settlement. Which totals more than $1.8 billion and is New York City’s highest legal compensation.

The first case, brought in 1996 by four instructors, alleged that the exam was “culturally biassed” in favour of White candidates. The plaintiffs claim that more than 90% of White applicants passed the multiple-choice test. In addition, Black candidates only passed the essay test 53% of the time. Only 50% of Hispanic candidates obtained passing grades.

A trial in 2003 went in favour of the city, but in 2012, a Manhattan federal court declared that the licensing exam was invalid. It violated the applicants’ constitutional rights since it did not test general knowledge, teaching skills.

Controversial Licensing Exam Invalidated

As the city persisted, lead lawyer Joshua Sohn slammed the city for “using the test to deny a generation of Black and Latino teachers.” A fair chance to be chosen for teaching posts, denying a generation of pupils the advantage of a more diversified instructor population.”

While instructors hailed the judgement, the settlement was criticised for its size. Also, the standardised exam is becoming devalued.

“The standards are the standards,” stated a principal in Brooklyn. “It should not be based on what is easiest for Blacks or Whites.” Hiring unqualified employees and changing the standards because a specific set did not pass the test is nonsense.”