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SNAP 2023 Report: Grocery Prices Surge by 15% Following Biden’s Food Stamp Expansion

SNAP formerly known as food stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme (SNAP). It is a federal programme that helps low-income people and families purchase food. President Joe Biden increased SNAP eligibility and benefits in September 2021. facilitating more people’s eligibility for the programme. The latest research from the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), a conservative public policy think organisation. Found that since Biden expanded SNAP, supermarket costs had climbed by at least 15%. The study discovered a variety of causes for the rise in grocery prices. Among them are the escalating costs of labour, transportation, and food supplies.

Impact of Biden’s SNAP Expansion: New Study Finds 15% Increase in Grocery Prices

The FGA study also discovered that SNAP expansion. resulted in a rise in the number of participants in the programme. Over 42 million individuals were enrolled in SNAP as of March 2023. more than the 39 million from September 2021.

The FGA report comes to the conclusion that Biden’s SNAP expansion has increased grocery prices and put a burden on the program’s finances. The report recommends that Biden’s SNAP expansion be reversed.

Some experts disagree with the study’s conclusions. Some contend that a number of causes other than the extension of SNAP are to blame for the increase in food costs. The study has nonetheless prompted questions regarding SNAP’s long-term viability. Moreover, how the programme affects the cost of food.

There will probably be more discussion about how SNAP affects supermarket costs in the future. However, the FGA analysis has offered fresh proof that the programme expansion. possibly causing the increase in food costs. This raises major concerns since it may make it more challenging for households with little means to buy food.

The followiSNAP ng are some extra considerations:

  • Other elements that could have contributed to the increase in food costs were not taken into consideration in the FGA research. Like the conflict in Ukraine and the COVID-19 epidemic.
  • The advantages of SNAP were also not taken into account by the study. Such as the decline in hunger and food insecurity.

There is no simple solution to the complex question of how SNAP affects supermarket costs. In order to properly comprehend the problem, more study is required.
Overall, the FGA analysis raises significant issues regarding how SNAP affects supermarket pricing. Before deciding on the program’s future, it is crucial to take into account all the relevant aspects.