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Infrastructure Investment Spotlight: Nevada Voters Contend with Cost Concerns Amid Biden’s Initiatives

Nevada has received billions of dollars since President Joe Biden took office. And other states via investing in sustainable energy and infrastructure investment.


Opinions Split Among Reno Voters Over High Costs of Housing and Gasoline Amidst Biden’s Economic Policies

However, Reno voters continued to support high housing and petrol costs. On whether they observe an advantage, those who talked with NBC News are divided.

Nicole Cooley observed that “everything is incredibly expensive for no reason.” Democrat and proprietor of a food truck, citing the price of bread, meat and petrol.

She described the price of petrol as “outrageous.” It’s absurd. Every time I insert the pump into my tank, it aches.

According to AAA, the cost of petrol in Nevada is $4.47 on average. This is cheaper than the average price of $4.91 from last year. However, it remains more than the $3.85 current national average.

The Biden administration has swept the nation in recent months. to promote the president’s economic policy, known as “Bidenomics.” He praised the Inflation Reduction Act last week. On the first anniversary of the law’s enactment, he made one of its centrepieces a part of his economic agenda.

Mixed Reactions Among Voters in Reno as Biden Highlights Infrstructure Investment in America

“Bidenomics is based on what has historically worked best for the nation. At the anniversary celebration, Biden emphasised the need of infrastructure investment in Americans and America. “Because when we support the middle class, we invest in ourselves. Stronger economic growth is being seen, which is good for everybody.

Voters, however, don’t always understand the message. 58% of Americans, according to a Quinnipiac survey from August, agree. They disagree with the way the president is managing the economy. In the survey, 71% of Americans said the economy was either not so good or poor.

Bob Forse, a lifetime resident of Reno and independent voter, served the city for 20 years. said that while he approves with some of the president’s objectives, “it’d be nice to have a little relief from petrol prices.”

Nevertheless, he stated that he would want to see a third choice outside a probable rematch. between Biden and Donald Trump, the last president, in 2024. He says that Biden is “doing a fair job,” referring to his approval of the stock market’s performance.

“I believe the president has made every effort to overcome many challenges. And I believe that some of his measures have been excellent for the nation,” he added.

Harris claimed that she is not benefiting from “Bidenomics.”

“I believe there have been several setbacks, including inflation, rising prices, and interest rates. And it clearly impacts families with more children in particular, said Harris, who has five kids.

Nevada voted blue in the presidential elections of 2020 and 2016, but it will be essential for Biden to keep in 2024. Biden defeated Trump there in 2020, winning 50.1% of the vote to Trump’s 47.7%. Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in Nevada by the same margin in 2016; she received 47.9% of the state’s vote to Trump’s 45.5%.