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Tropical Storm Hilary Live Updates: Flooding Strikes Southern California Amid Heavy Rainfall

More than 42 million people in Southern California are under tropical storm advisories as Hurricane Hilary approaches the region, flooding roads and knocking out electricity.

Hilary, which was formerly a Category 4 hurricane, diminished as it reached the West Coast. Flood warnings are in place from Southern California to Arizona, as well as Oregon and Idaho.

Tuesday, August 21, 10:48 a.m. EDT
Tropical Storm Hilary Live Updates : San Bernardino County receives more than a foot of rain.

In San Bernardino County, California, total rainfall from Hurricane Hilary has reached 13.5 inches. And 11.7 inches in Riverside County, California’s mountains.

Over 7 inches of rain fell in Los Angeles County, while more than 3 inches fell in Palm Springs. This set a new daily summer rain record for the arid city.

8.4 inches of rain fell at Bristlecone, Nevada, northwest of Las Vegas. Including 6 inches in 24 hours, shattering the state’s rainfall record for a tropical storm or remnant.

Hurricane Hilary also produced strong winds. Wind gusts in California hit 87 mph. In the San Gabriel Mountains, it may reach 84 mph.


Aug 21, 7:58 AM EDT
Record rain continues to cause flash flood warnings.

Flash flood warnings remained in force in Los Angeles and Death Valley on Monday. And some regions of southwest Nevada, after heavy rain poured over the region overnight.

Overnight, Hilary deteriorated into a post-tropical cyclone. And was predicted to disperse in the Sierra Nevada’s upper elevations.

Several inches of rain poured overnight, including 10.5 inches in Raywood Flat, California. The San Bernardino National Forest’s rough terrain.

In Los Angeles, 6.15 inches of rain fell. Palmdale, a city north of Los Angeles, saw its greatest daily rainfall total of 3.57 inches.

Palm Springs received 2.82 inches of rain, the city’s greatest daily rainfall total for the summer and August.

San Diego got its highest-ever daily August rainfall of 1.81 inches.

And Bristlecone, Nevada, near Las Vegas, received more than 6 inches, the most of which fell within 24 hours. That amount of rain set a new record for a tropical storm or remnant passing into Nevada. It came close to breaking the state’s 24-hour rain record of 7.78 inches set in 2004.

Aug 21, 3:27 AM EDT
Thousands of people are without electricity as a storm knocks down trees.

At around midnight, thousands of customers in Southern California were without electricity. San Bernardino County has the most power disruptions.

In one interior county, almost 14,000 consumers were without electricity. According to, a service that records energy suppliers, along with 7,600 in Riverside County to the south.

As of 6 p.m. on Sunday, around 7,900 customers in Los Angeles County were without power. According to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.