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Biden Administration Unveils Additional Funding Boost for Rural Broadband Infrastructure

The Biden administration pushed for internet-for-all by 2030 on Monday. Announcing $667 million in new grants and loans to expand rural broadband infrastructure in the United States.


Biden Administration Channels New Investment to Expand Rural Broadband Access Across the Nation

“With this investment, we’re bringing funding to communities across the country.” We feel that no child should be forced to sit in the back of a mother’s car in a McDonald’s parking lot. “To do homework,” said Mitch Landrieu, the White House’s infrastructure coordinator, on a conference call with reporters.

The 37 new beneficiaries reflect the program’s fourth round of financing. The United States Department of Agriculture has dubbed it ReConnect. Another 37 projects were awarded grants and loans totaling $771.4 million between April and June.

The funds are being channelled through government broadband programmes, like the one announced on Monday. And a fresh version will result from the $42.5 billion infrastructure programme announced earlier this summer. Landrieu spoke of “the electrification of rural America,” echoing a recurrent Biden administration mantra.

The Ponderosa Telephone Co. in California received the biggest prize. Which earned almost $42 million in funding to build fibre networks in Fresno County. According to the USDA, that endeavour alone will assist almost 1,200 individuals, 12 farms, and 26 additional companies.

Winners of New Awards Representing Diverse Sectors and Regions

Telephone cooperatives, counties, and telecommunications businesses are all examples of this. The winners of the new awards come from 22 states and the Marshall Islands.

At least half of the households in the new financing zones do not have access to internet speeds of 100 megabits per second download. In addition, the federal government deems 20 Mbps upload to be “underserved” in broadband language. The grantees’ task is to create networks capable of exceeding 100 Mbps upload. And download speeds of 100 Mbps for every family, company, and farm in their coverage regions.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stated that the investments might provide farmers with new economic options. Allow those who do not have easy access to medical care to consult with specialists via telemedicine. Increase academic options in secondary schools, especially Advanced Placement courses.

“The fact that this administration recognises and values the importance of continued investment in rural America.” “I’m really excited about creating more opportunity,” Vilsack stated during a press conference.

Harjai is a part of The Associated Press/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative and reported from Los Angeles. Report for America is a non-profit public service organisation. This inserts journalists in local newsrooms to cover unreported stories.