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Jury Continues Deliberations for Second Day in Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter’s Death Penalty Decision

On Wednesday, jurors will continue their deliberations on whether to execute Robert Bowers. For the 2018 attack in Pittsburgh that resulted in the deaths of 11 worshippers and the injury of another six.


Jury Deliberates for Second Day on Death Penalty for Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter

On Tuesday, the jury deliberated for seven hours. Jurors also looked at the guns that day for a short time at their request. which was used in the deadliest attack on Jews in the US, the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue.

The execution of the gunman must be decided by a unanimous vote. If not, he will receive a life without parole sentence.

On June 16, Bowers, 50, was found guilty of all 63 charges brought against him in connection with the shooting in October 2018. These counts included 22 capital offences.

On July 13, the jury further determined that he qualified for the death penalty. Advancing the case to the third and last sentencing phase.

The final phase of the trial concentrated on aggravating and mitigating circumstances that might be relevant to Bowers. According to the prosecution, Bowers committed the murders because of his animosity towards Jews. Family members of the victims who testified about their loved ones and Bowers’ lack of regret for his actions were highlighted.

Jury Weighs Death Penalty for Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter

“He transformed a typical Jewish Sabbath into the worst mass shooting committed by an anti-Semite in US history. In his closing remarks on Monday, US Attorney Eric Olshan said, “And he is proud of it.

“The death penalty is the most severe punishment allowed by law in this case,” he declared.

Bowers’ legal team emphasised his traumatic upbringing and mental health problems. including a delusional belief system, as well as schizophrenia and epilepsy diagnoses.

“You made Rob Bowers answerable. He was found guilty on 63 counts. You determined that he qualified for jury sentencing. We are now requesting that you select life rather than death, defence attorney Judy Clarke said on Monday.

This is the second federal death penalty case that has been brought under President Joe Biden’s watch. who had voiced opposition to the death penalty during the election.

The first incident involved a terrorist who ploughed a U-Haul truck into pedestrians and cyclists on a bike path in New York City. Due to the jury’s inability to agree on a sentence, the defendant was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Both of these cases date back to the Trump administration.

The Biden administration also suspended all federal executions during this time.