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San Francisco Headquarters Undergoes Renovation: Iconic ‘X’ Sign Removed

The city of San Francisco received several complaints about the massive flashing “X” sign that was installed on Friday. The sign on top of the building formerly known as Twitter headquarters has been removed.

Unauthorized ‘X’ Sign Raises Safety Concerns in San Francisco: Taken Down After Investigation

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection received 24 complaints about the sign over the weekend, according to a report released on Monday. Which was installed without city permission, raising concerns about structural safety and lighting. According to the Associated Press.

The sign was taken down on Monday.

Last week, San Francisco police officers prevented workers from removing the platform’s bird logo from the building’s exterior. Because they had not closed the pavement to protect pedestrians in the event that any part of the sign or other objects fell.

X’s headquarters are located in the heart of San Francisco, a short distance from City Hall and directly across from a residential building.

Twitter’s Rebranding Unveiled: Musk’s ‘X’ Logo Marks the Start of a Revolutionary Era

Musk changed Twitter’s bird logo to a “X” after purchasing the company for $44 billion last year. Which is now available on the platform’s desktop and mobile versions.
CEO Linda Yaccarino stated in a series of tweets about the platform’s rebranding. X will reimagine the “global town square.”

“X” stands for the state of limitless interaction centred on audio, video, messaging, and financial transactions. She wrote last week about developing a global market for concepts, items, services, and opportunities. Powered by AI, X will connect us all in ways that are still in their infancy.

Musk has a history of employing the letter X in his professional and personal life. He is the CEO of the rocket company Space Exploration Technologies Corp., better known as SpaceX.