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Contemptuous Treatment: Analyzing Biden’s New Student Loan Forgiveness Plan in Regards to the Supreme Court

The Washington Post proclaimed loudly on Monday, “Donald Trump promises a post-democratic second term.” claiming that while in office, Trump already displayed a disregard for “rules” and “acted as though they didn’t exist.” President Joe Biden’s proposed student loan forgiveness plan is viewed as showing disrespect or disregard for the Supreme Court of the United States, the highest judicial authority in the country.

If you believe it to be a story, wow, do we have a scoop for you!

Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness: A Disregard for Separation of Powers and the Supreme Court

Disregarding the principles governing the separation of powers and acting in blatant contempt of the Supreme Court. However, President Biden has arbitrarily decided to “forgive” hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of student debt.

This is disrespect for the Congress, the legal system, and our whole political system. However, the leftist media doesn’t seem to give a damn.

because Democrats are spending $475 billion on a project they support. What matters most is that they will aid in buying their votes.

In reality, the media had come to the conclusion that the Supreme Court was not “legitimate” and that its rulings were thus irrelevant.

Don’t you know that only Republicans are subject to judicial decisions?

Do Democrats hold a belief in “norms”?

The Battle for Boundaries: Biden’s Actions Challenge the Balance of Power

Spending is under the control of Congress. Which actions are constitutional are decided by the courts.

It is forbidden for one branch of the government to trample over the others. And Biden and his media henchwomen are aware of this.

Anyone who grew up watching “Schoolhouse Rock!” is aware of that.

Already, Biden is in charge of a “post-democratic” government. Making up border and student loan policies and acting as though he has no restrictions on what he can do.

No matter who is in office, if you sincerely believe in the law, defend it.