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Investigators Explore Possible Connections: Gilgo Beach Murders Examined for Links to Unsolved Cases

As the investigation into suspect Rex A. Heuermann’s “double life” continues. The Manhattan architect has been accused with the Long Island deaths of three women. An NYPD official told ABC News that they’re also looking into if he’s linked to any unsolved killings or missing people cases around the state. Police across New York are looking at if they can connect Heuermann to victims other than Gilgo Beach.


Investigators Explore Potential Ties to Suspect

An NYPD official told ABC News that detectives are now looking to determine whether his DNA or behaviour matches any unsolved homicides or missing people cases in New York City.

Heuermann’s DNA has also been submitted into a statewide database, which is accessible to all New York law enforcement authorities.

Heuermann, 59, is accused of murdering Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Costello. In December 2010, their remains were discovered wrapped in hessian near Ocean Parkway on Long Island’s South Shore. He was also dubbed the “prime suspect” in the killing of Maureen Brainard-Barnes, a fourth lady found in the same location, according to authorities.

According to a former FBI agent, Heuermann looks to match the description of serial killers who have led double lives.

Examining the Disturbing Nature of Serial Criminals and the Investigation into the Gilgo Beach Murders

Serial criminals have parallel lives, which means, George, that they are capable of doing terrible things. Like they torture, murder, or do whatever else,” Garrett added. “They may go back home, feed their kids, bid their spouses farewell, and carry on with their lives.”

However, it is also claimed that at the same time, he registered for internet profiles under false identities in order to look for sex workers for “dates” or “hookups.” Heuermann allegedly possessed “over 200 guns” in his Massapequa Park house. More than twice the amount for which he had permits, according to Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison.

The expression “hide in plain sight” is therefore highly applicable to repeat criminals, according to Garrett.

In a statement released on Monday, Heuermann’s defence lawyer, Michael Brown, claimed. “There is nothing about Mr. Heuermann that would imply he is complicit in these instances. We are eager to defend him in court before a fair and unbiased jury of his peers, even if the government has chosen to focus on him in spite of more substantial and stronger leads.

On Monday, police continued to look for information at his Massapequa Park residence.