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Arrest Made in Shooting Incident Targeting Gwinnett County District Attorney Investigator

According to authorities, a Georgia man was detained on Monday in connection with the fatal shooting of a Gwinnett County district attorney investigator last week.

Georgia Man Arrested in Shooting of Gwinnett County District Attorney Investigator

The 27-year-old Tyler Dewayne Moore is accused with aggravated assault, criminal property damage, and having a handgun while committing certain offences. Early on Monday, he was arrested and taken to the Gwinnett County Jail.

The unnamed investigator was wounded in the leg on Friday at approximately 6 o’clock. According to a news statement from Gwinnett County police, he was travelling on Auburn Road in the direction of the city of Auburn, Georgia. The investigator called for assistance over his radio after being shot, pulling into a petrol station.

He had non-life-threatening wounds and was sent to a nearby hospital.

Following the incident, many law enforcement agencies in metro Atlanta started looking for the culprit. Police first described it as a silver SUV with damage on the passenger-side rear. A 2019 Jeep Cherokee was later recognised as the shooter’s vehicle.

Gwinnett County District Attorney Investigator

“Once we obtained security footage from surrounding establishments, it was easier for us to identify the fundamental general description. We had a silver SUV, and after looking at some pictures online to determine its precise make and model. Authorities were able to determine that it was a Jeep Cherokee, according to FOX 5 Atlanta. We were able to locate perhaps some registration information to determine the owners of a silver Jeep Cherokee because it was a 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

Detectives found the car on Sunday night in Auburn when visiting Moore’s residence there, and they seized it. He wasn’t at home for the visit, but Monday morning he handed himself in at the Gwinnett County Jail.

According to Pihera on “Fox & Friends,” the shooting’s motivation is still unknown, and authorities are still looking into it was targeted. The result of a roadside brawl, or had another purpose.

“The investigator didn’t appear to be working on any police-related inquiries at the time. He was only travelling down the road when the assailant fired at him, according to Pihera.

There were no overt signs that he was a law enforcement official because the DA’s office detectives use unmarked vehicles.