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Avoid To Visit These Most Dangerous Cities in California in 2023

California, often known as the Golden State, is recognised for its beautiful scenery, kind people, and many other things. However, every state has advantages and disadvantages. California is no different. Living in California has both advantages and disadvantages. Not all of the cities in this state are secure. Cities with high crime rates have been labelled as the most dangerous cities in California.

List of most dangerous cities in California

West Covina

The west side of West Covina is one of the regions you should avoid since the crime rate is higher than everywhere else in the city; the closer you get to Baldwin Park, the higher the rate becomes. The major drawback of West Covina is that there isn’t much to do other from parks and shopping.

El Monte

El Monte, California, bills itself as a friendly city with a distinct suburban feel. The city has a diversified ethnic population, with Caucasians constituting just 4% of the population. Hispanics account for 66% of the population, while Asians account for 29%.

The highest crime rates seen in south of Garvey Avenue. It’s probably advisable to avoid that area. El Monte does not have many tourist-friendly activities. Its purpose was to bring ethnic families to the region.

San Diego

Even while violent crime rates in San Diego are still higher than in some other cities of a similar size, they have declined in recent years. Violent crime includes homicide, serious assault, and robbery. Although motor vehicle theft has grown in the past year, property crime, including break-ins and theft, has also declined.


Like many Californian communities, Oceanside too has various levels of crime. The Oceanside Police Department’s most current statistics show a decline in the city’s overall crime rate.


The San Joaquin Valley in California is home to Visalia, a community that encounters crime like any other major location. The city’s violent crime rate is lower than the national average, but the rate of property crime is somewhat higher than the national average, according to the FBI’s most recent statistics.

Theft, burglary, and theft of a motor vehicle are the offences, are most frequently recorded in Visalia. The police force is well-trained, and the community is actively involved in preventing and reporting crime in the city.