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Beloved Couple Murdered While Celebrating 50th Anniversary

A couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and the wife’s 97-year-old mother—were brutally murdered in a heartbreaking incident.  Along with another family member, in a small city outside of Boston was the subject of an arrest, according to authorities.

Known familiar with the family made the 911 call to the Newton Police Department. In the late morning hours, the caller arrived at the home on Broadway Street and found the worst.

The wife’s mother, Lucia Arpino, 97, couple named Bruno D’Amore, 74, and Jill D’Amore, 73 were brutally killed.

Couple murdered brutally

In their original news announcement about the horrible murders, police did not name the victims. Later, a letter from the family that was made public by their church contained their names.

Paul Arpino and Ginny Arpino expressed their profound sadness and shared the heartbreaking news of a terrible tragedy that unfolded in Newton. This was impacting our faith community and our own family.” They were our aunt and cousins. They were adoptive family to Rita (Dugan) and Isabella, who considered them to be more than just close friends.

The deceased’s absence from mass at Our Lady of Help Christians Parish in an incredibly unusual turn of events caused anxiety among fellow churchgoers when they spotted it.

Devastating Murder of Couple Shock Local Community

Our Lady Help of Christians’ Rev. Dan Riley informed WCVB that the church had planned a blessing following communion at the 10 a.m. Mass to commemorate their anniversary.

“When they didn’t show up — I can’t say who discovered them — we were notified, and myself and a number of the staff spent the day there,” Riley explained. Rev. Dan Riley conveyed the immense sorrow surrounding the incident by referring to the victims as “three beloved parishioners.”

According to Newton police, the culprit is still at large.

In a written statement, local law enforcement authorities urged the community to stay vigilant and alert while expressing their grief over the victims of this senseless and violent tragedy.