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Brazilian lawmaker David Miranda died at age 37? know more about his partner journalist Glenn Greenwald

David Miranda
Source: Yahoo Sports

David Miranda, a former Brazilian congressman and the spouse of journalist Glenn Greenwald, passed away at 37, just a day before his birthday. After his demise, numerous politicians, celebrities, and activists expressed condolences and honored Miranda’s memory.

On Twitter, Glenn Greenwald, 56 years old, disclosed that his spouse David Miranda passed away after struggling for nine months in the ICU. According to Greenwald, Miranda passed away peacefully, with their children, family, and friends by his side.

Although the cause of death was not revealed, Greenwald mentioned last November that Miranda had been hospitalized for gastrointestinal problems and sepsis. In August 2022, Miranda was first admitted to the hospital due to persistent abdominal pain and digestive issues.

Greenwald stated that despite his declining health, Miranda disregarded his well-being and concentrated on his duties as a member of Congress in Brasilia and his upcoming re-election campaign.

When he arrived at the emergency room three months prior, his gastrointestinal system had severe inflammation and infection, progressing to sepsis and affecting multiple organs.

Initially, his pancreas, kidneys, liver, and eventually, his lungs were all compromised and started to fail. According to Greenwald, health officials had informed Miranda that his chances of survival were slim and he had only a week left.

David Miranda spearheaded the campaign urging the Brazilian government to offer political asylum to Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who disclosed confidential information regarding the National Security Agency’s (NSA) covert surveillance operations in 2013.

Miranda collaborated with Glenn Greenwald, who aided his campaign and published information from Snowden’s leaks. Despite support from various Brazilian public figures, the campaign failed to convince then-President Dilma Rousseff.

In August 2013, Miranda was detained by the British government for nine hours for his work on the NSA program. His possessions, including a hard drive with documents related to Greenwald’s reporting, were confiscated.

Greenwald claimed that Miranda’s detention was intended to intimidate journalists reporting on the NSA and GCHQ. Miranda’s detention was briefly featured in the 2014 documentary Citizenfour, directed by Laura Poitras and featuring Snowden and Greenwald.

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