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Who is Aramaki? What does Aramaki mean in One Piece?

Who is Aramaki? What does Aramaki mean in One Piece?

Aramaki is not any term or concept which appears in the One Piece anime or even in the manga. He is a character whose real name has yet to be revealed. But even before his name was revealed, he gained much popularity in the world of anime and manga. 

Who is Aramaki?

Aramaki, also known as the alias of Ryokugyu, is an admiral of the Naval Headquarters. He was the admiral for almost two years after the Battle of Marine Ford.

His real is not yet revealed; people are going crazy to know how he is. He had become the new admiral’s alias. 

His appearance has yet to be released, but by watching OnePiece, people got to know that he has long wavy hair.

He first appeared in the manga during the Dressrosa arc, and within no time, he became a very popular and attractive character in the anime named One Piece and gained a lot of fans.

What about the personality of Aramaki?

He is a laid-back character. Because of this feature in his personality, he did not want to take any action against Issho for leaving Mary Geoise even after getting an order from Sakazuki.

He has been fasting for almost three years because he thinks food is a chore. He likes pretty women; his personality is inclined toward the pretty woman. And if any pretty woman will feed him, he will eat her up. 

He can also take action and have no problem attacking samurai or even the reigning Shogun, Momonosuke; therefore, he is considered their enemy for them. He also claimed that he could kill even thousands of civilians to reach his goal. 

Despite the lack of information regarding Ryokugyu, several hints are given about his character and the personality he holds on. He is mentioned as a powerful and large man.

He is also a skilled fighter, and he was chosen as the third admiral, and they are considered the strongest Marines in the world. 

What are his Skills and Strengths?

He had a lot of strength. That’s why he was chosen as the third admiral. He also managed to rise to the rank of Admiral shows, showing he has combat experience and leadership qualities.

He is also an admiral in the Navy, which depicts that he is safe to assume that he has also mastered the Haki and is possessed by a golden Den-den Muski, which triggers the Buster Call.

His fans are waiting for his real and actual personality. They are excited for him to appear with his whole personality in One Piece anime or manga.

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