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Vinland Saga: Season 2 Episode 18 – “The First Method”

Vinland Saga: Season 2 Episode 18 - "The First Method"

As expected from the previous episode, from then on, the things on the farm turned a notch up, and we see the heated emotions in this episode more clearly. This episode’s storyline draws two stories close to climax with Ketil in the center.

Vinland Saga S2 E18 Recap

The episode starts with Canute and troops heading toward Ketil’s farm to take it over. Canute wishes Ketil to give up his farm without a fight, but he is astonished upon learning that Ketil is now a different man from before.

Wulf also informs Canute that with their pace, it takes about 2 to 3 days to reach Ketil’s farm. 

How are things on the farm after Gardar’s death?

Upon reaching, Ketil learns that Arnheid tried to escape with Gardar. It was unexpected as he trusted her more than anyone on the farm.

The scene at the farm was devastating, with Gardar and several guests dead and Arnheid attempting to escape. As he is already on the verge of the cliff due to Canute, this blows him off even more, and he loses his mind. 

The guests on the farm are panicking as now their defense is less, and enemies are approaching. Einar and Thorfinn were repenting that things turned this way and would change them if they had a chance to return to the past.

They were worried about Arnheid and wished Ketil won’t punish her severely as she was pregnant with his child.

What happens to Arnheid?

Ketil couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He lost his usual self upon seeing Arnheid. He takes his frustration on her so cruelly that no one ever expected.

She pleads him to retreat as she is pregnant with his child, but his state of mind loses its hearing power, so he does not believe her. 

As things with Ketil go deep south, Snake stops him from killing her. Leif offers to buy Einar and Arnheid along with Thorfinn. On the contrary, Ketil says to keep Arnheid and sell Einar and Thorfinn and reasons why he would sell her when she is his in the first place. 

At this point, Arnheid is alive. Pater takes Arnheid home and dresses up her wounds, and nurses her. He says she might not make it because the wounds are too severe and deep to heal.

Meanwhile, Ketil goes to get his sword. He is no longer the same person, with his psyche completely damaged. As he returns with his sword, he says to himself that he will kill all the thieves and not leave, even the King. 

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