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How did Linda Gurney die? Cause of Death for a Pianist and Clarinetist Explained.

How did Linda Gurney die

On May 4, 2023, the musician Linda Gurney passed away peacefully. Let’s look more closely at the musician’s death and its causes.

Linda Gurney


How did Linda Gurney die?

On May 4, 2023, clarinetist and self-employed pianist Linda Gurney died. Her children posted the following statement on social media to share this tragic news. Her death was announced on Facebook by Olivia, Chris, and Andrew, who wrote: “On May 4th, our dear mother, Linda Gurney, passed away peacefully in her sleep. More than words can express, we are deeply grateful for the incredible outpouring of support, love, fond memories, thoughts, and prayers. We’ll let you know as plans for a memorial service are finalized”.

“Hi, everyone,” wrote her other daughter Andrew Gurney in a post about her mother’s passing. It is difficult to note that my mother, Linda Gurney, died peacefully on May 4th. I still need to understand why I’m writing this kind of post. In addition to her incredible musical talent, my mother had many other interests and passions. She was the sweetest person and developed deep connections with many people. I am incredibly grateful for her and to have had such a wonderful mother. We had a very close relationship, and losing my father years ago only deepened our connection. Every conversation we had, and every visit we made was significant, but it was also so funny.

Linda Gurney, who was she?

Keyboardist and clarinetist Linda Gurney was well-known. She was famous for her music in St. Louis and was a Washington University alum. Linda was an accomplished musician, band leader, and music educator. The Dave Dickey Big Band enjoyed her support. She twice served as a guest director at performances by the St Louis Low Brass Collective.

What is Linda Gurney’s Cause of Death?

Linda Gurney reportedly died in her sleep peacefully, according to her children. The Musicians Association of St. Louis also released a statement about this tragic news: “We regret to inform our membership that member Linda Gurney passed away on 5/4/23”. In 1976, she traveled to Europe for the SLSOYO’s inaugural tour. She shared the lead clarinet position. On the clarinet and the piano, Linda continued to play outstanding jazz. She is firmly committed to her family, music, and charitable work. She also adored the Cardinals. All those who knew Linda would miss her terribly. The family is in our thoughts. When we are aware of the arrangements, we will post.

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