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How did Influencer Flavia Big Big die? Cause of Death Explained

Influencer Flavia Big Big die - Copy

26-year-old transgender influencer Flávia Big Big passed away this morning. Let’s examine the influencer’s manner of passing and the precise causes of death for Flávia Big Big.

How did Influencer Flávia Big Big die


How did Influencer Flavia Big Big die?

On May 8, 2023, in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, a 26-year-old Brazilian social media influencer named Flávia Big Big passed away. The Onofre Lopes University Hospital, where she was being treated, had confirmed the death news. Fabiola Gomes also shared the word of the influencer’s sister’s passing on social media. Our Big’s suffering is over, it says in the statement. She announced on Instagram Stories that she was currently with her heavenly father. Numerous online celebrities have praised her on social media. On social media, her fans also expressed their condolences.

What happened to Flavia Big Big?

After receiving a cancer diagnosis in February, Flavia has been a patient at Natal’s University Hospital Onofre Lopes. The influencer, who received a lymphoma diagnosis on March 5, also had lung problems, anemia, and other health problems. After being treated for cancer at Hospital Giselda Trigueiro (HGT), Big Big was moved to University Hospital Onofre Lopes. On April 14, Flávia Big Big underwent pericardial drainage surgery at the University Hospital Onofre Lopes in UFRN, necessitating intubation. The influencer needed to be intubated immediately after surgery because she developed a severe condition.

Post-Surgery Period:

The first few days after the operation, according to her sister Fabiola, were problematic. The first day was frightening, according to her sister, according to her sister who spoke to Globo. Com, she was intubated despite [the doctors’] assurances that she would return home awake. The doctors informed my mother, influencer Handson Silva, and me that Big was not responding well while we waited, but the next day, April 12, she was extubated. She said something. On the thirteenth, Flávia remained awake. She started to breathe rapidly despite being in pain. It was my turn to visit on the 14th when she arrived; this time, she was intubated again. My sister has spent the last ten days under anesthesia. And every day is unique.

Who is Flavia Big Big?

Flávia, a native of Natal, has 250,000 Instagram followers alone. In 2021, she had more than 380 million TikTok views, making her the most-watched trans woman in the entire world. She produced entertaining content and was well-known for her viral memes. Big’s upbeat personality and humble demeanor helped her become well-known in Brazil.

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