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Who Is Daniel Penny And Will He Face Charges For Killing Jordan Neely?

Who Is Daniel Penny?
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Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old Marine Corps veteran from Sovereigns, has been openly distinguished as the one who killed Jordan Neely subsequent to putting him in a deadly strangle hold on Monday.

His personality had been a secret from that point forward with a few media sources addressing him yet not distributing his name and specialists declining to uncover what his identity was. Friday, Penny’s attorney insisted that he never intended to harm Neely.

Know What Happened

Penny was caught on camera choking 30-year-old Neely aboard a train on Monday afternoon. Penny can be seen tightly cradling Neely’s neck with both arms around his back on the ground during the nearly four-minute video.

Neely fights as a different unidentified man grabs his arms by the wrist. After about two minutes, a bystander enters the train car and warns Penny. Soon after, Penny delivers the strangle hold and the men roll Neely, who has all the earmarks of being oblivious, onto his side. Neely later passed away at a hospital nearby.

Who Is Daniel Penny?

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Penny was questioned by police before being released. The medical examiner’s office later concluded that Neely’s death was a homicide because of neck compression.

Who is Daniel Penny?

Penny moved on from West Islip Secondary School in the year 2016, in the room local area on Lengthy Island’s South Shore, around an hour and a half drive from Manhattan. Later in the year 2017, he joined the Marines. Penny is currently attending college, according to his lawyer.

According to Penny’s service records, he was a rifleman until the year 2021, when he was promoted to sergeant and sent to the Mediterranean with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, according to the Washington Post.

Willy Horan, who purchased Penny’s grandfather’s waterfront home in the year 2019, claims that Penny lived at his grandfather’s house in West Islip for a time. Friday morning, Horan took a break from working in the yard to reflect on Neely’s passing and Penny’s circumstances. It’s lamentable it needed to end with a 30-year-old kicking the bucket.

More About The Incident

During a demonstration at the 63rd and Lexington station in Manhattan on Saturday evening, a group of protesters demanding Jordan Neely’s release from prison climbed onto the subway tracks. As the police tried to clear the station, multiple people, according to witnesses, were taken into custody.

Dissenters had assembled Saturday evening at the Broadway-Lafayette station where Neely was killed, before walked north through Manhattan, then, at that point, momentarily possessing the stage and ending administration at 63rd and Lex.

Thomas Kenniff, Daniel Penny’s attorney, issued a statement on Friday night claiming that Penny had acted “to protect” himself and the other passengers after Neely “began aggressively threatening” them. Penny “never intended to harm Mr. Neely.

The statement also criticized the city’s mental health crisis and mentioned Neely’s documented history of violent and erratic behavior.

The Manhattan DA’s office “weighing if the case should go to a grand jury to determine if charges should be brought,” as reported by the Daily News, is said to be considering potential charges against the veteran.

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