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White Supremacist And Neo Nazi Mauricio Garcia, Texas Shooter Caught By The Police

Mauricio Garcia, Texas Shooter
Images Source: Sky News

Two senior law enforcement officials stated on Sunday that the suspected 33-year-old neo-Nazi sympathizer who opened fire at a Dallas-area outlet mall was responsible for at least eight deaths and a half-dozen injuries.

Mauricio Garcia Identified as Gunman in Mall Massacre in Allen, Texas

Images Source:
The Daily Beast

Mauricio Garcia was Found By The Police

Mauricio Garcia was identified as the shooter by Allen police on Sunday. According to the police, a police officer who happened to be at Allen Premium Outlets, which is approximately 25 miles north of Dallas, killed Garcia on Saturday.

President Joe Biden stated that the gunman, who lived in Dallas, was armed with an AR-15-style assault weapon.

He was wearing a strategic vest and had a handgun, one of the senior policing said. According to the source, more weapons and ammunition were discovered in his car. At the hour of the slaughter, he was wearing a fix on his chest that incorporated the abbreviation rwds, as per two senior policing. One of the senior law enforcement officials added that the letters represent the phrase right-wing death squad, which is used in far-right online spaces.

A starter survey of what is accepted to be the shooter’s online entertainment accounts uncover many posts that incorporate racially or ethnically propelled fierce radical ways of talking, including neo-Nazi material and material embracing racial oppression, two senior policing said.

What Are The Authorities Focused On?

The authorities focused on how the examination is progressing. The shooter’s social media posts were not liked or shared by other users, according to the preliminary investigation.

According to two senior law enforcement officials, the shooting is being investigated as a case of racial or ethnically motivated violent extremism by Texas Rangers, police, the FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

One official stated that authorities believe the shooter acted alone. His friends and relatives are being questioned by the investigators.

Who Is Mauricio Garcia?

Other information about the shooting suspect, in addition to reports about his ideologies, is unknown at this time. According to CBS News Texas’ reports, neighbours claimed that they had little information regarding the gunman, who did not have a serious criminal record.

The individuals from the region additionally told the news source that Garcia used to go back and forth to work. He used to wear a uniform that resembled that of a security guard, but they said he mostly kept to himself.

Additionally, the neighbours claimed to have witnessed FBI personnel removing three to four boxes from his parent’s residence. They were observed conversing with the officers in the front yard.

Reports referenced that specialists led two court orders, one was at Garcia’s folks’ home in upper east Dallas. The second search was conducted at a nearby extended-stay facility where he had recently resided.

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