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What is Vida Blue Cause of Death? The Legendary Oakland Athletics Died at 73

Vida Blue Death Cause

Legendary Oakland Athletics player Vida Blue has passed away at age 73. His friends claim he was battling an unidentified form of cancer, but still no official word on what caused his death.

Vida Blue


Who is Vida Blue?

Vida Rochelle Blue Jr. was born in Louisiana. From a young age, showed promise as a sportsperson. He excelled in football and baseball but chose baseball after pitching a no-hitter with 21 strikeouts in his senior year. Young Blue received numerous offers from several esteemed NCAA colleges, but he decided to pursue his dream straight out of high school. His father’s recent passing had an impact on this choice. The Oakland Athletics chose Vida Blue in the second round of the 1967, and two seasons later, he made his team debut. “A statement on Vida Blue’s passing from the Oakland A’s. -Oakland A’s.

Blue’s breakthrough year was 1971 when he started 39 games for the A’s and led the league in both categories with an ERA of just 1 point 82 and eight shutouts. Blue also amassed 312 innings and a 24-8 record, which helped him win the Cy Young and MVP Awards. For three consecutive seasons, the Athletics would go on to win the World Series. Blue played a key role in the team but would only have one World Series appearance, going 0-3 overall. This affliction is reminiscent of Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros, who, despite having numerous chances, failed to win the World Series until 2022.

What is Vida’s Blue Cause of Death?

On May 7, 2023, Blue passed away in his house in San Francisco. Although his family has chosen to keep the specifics of his illness a secret, it is assumed that he passed away peacefully. Due to the team’s impending relocation, there will be a decreasing number of Oakland A’s alumni as time goes on. The color blue symbolizes Oakland’s baseball’s heyday. The Athletics have an MLB-worst record of 8-26 and are now 12 games back of the Texas Rangers in the AL West. The demise of the franchise that shaped Vida Blue’s illustrious career is closely related to his own.

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